Thursday, May 14, 2009

"When You Hold Me, Don't Just Hold Me, But Hold THIS!"

This was just released today.

It's the trailer for Rob Marshall's upcoming film version of the musical Nine.

Rob Marshall is a friggin' genius! I can't wait!

I saw his film version of the musical Chicago the day it was released. The theatre was packed with mostly non-musical theatre folk.

I know this because I was the ONLY person in the theatre who screamed during Chita Rivera's cameo.

At the end of The Cell Block Tango, I stood up (no joke, I STOOD UP!!!), applauded with my arms over my head and shouted...

"Worth the price of admission!!!"

My then boyfriend grabbed my arm and said, "Sit your gay ass down," which I did. But that's when I fell in love with Rob Marshall.

And from what I see in this trailer, I'm going to be standing up in a movie theatre again very soon.


Java said...

"Sit your gay ass down!"

I'm not theatre people, but I know a little bit about cinema. Dame Judy Dench! Sofia!! Wow.

Lance Noe said...

it was just nice to hear someone in a movie muscial who can ACTUALLY SING!

MJ said...

"Sit your gay ass down"

I'll be quoting you frequently with that when I'm out on the town.

Visiting from Damien's blog.

jer said...

holy shite. i can't wait. if you can't find somebody to watch this with you 12 me...i'll probably already be in line for tickets.

Prospero said...

Marshall's "Chicago" is probably the best musical film adaptation since "Cabaret" (I'm a HUGE Kander and Ebb fan). Can't wait to see "Nine!" Now if only Mr. Marshall would adapt the musical version of "Kiss of the Spider Woman."

Lance Noe said...

stephie, just out of curiosity, what musical would you like to see turned into a movie? I mean besides wicked.

I have to admit i thought 9 was an odd choice

my list - not that you asked or anything you selfish, self centered pig ignorant monkey fucker... OH SORRY! Proooooozzaaaacccc!!!

1. PACIFIC OVERTURES - i realize of course it would only be me and MAYBE 2 other queens in the audience but imagine how beautiful it would be

2. Follies - same as above

3. Into the woods - noticing a pattern? Rob Reiner WAS directing this but i am not sure what happened

4. Chess - but only if you could make the book work - no one has before so.... GOOD LUCK!

5. Ragtime - I know the music is all big long notes and over blown dramatics but i kind of love it! And i think it is cinematic

Honorable mentions - the secret garden, the life, the light in the pizza, she loves me, and of course CARRIE - which i heard was being reworked and could be coming off Broadway, there is a hope, there IS hope!

jer said...

hey...arent they doing a movie version of Wicked? did i just make that up or did i read it somewhere?

Lance Noe said...

just FYI, people actually ask questions in order to get answers