Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My New Favorite Caption Contest #41

She's baaa-aaack!

There were so many incredible captions for the #40 Contest, but with only one submission, Philip nailed it. Here's his winning entry...

"I canna do it, Cap'n. I Juss. Canna. Do it!!"

I just have this mental picture of Shatner approaching James Doohan with that - - THING! - - and seeing this look of sheer terror in Scotty's eyes. 

Because something tells me that neither Kirk nor Shatner are gentle with it. Just ask Yvvonne Craig.

That said, banging a girl who is all green isn't nearly as bizarre as whatever-the-Hell is going on in the picture for the #41 Caption Contest. Check out the flip side of Lars and the Real Girl...

Yeah. But you know, who am I to judge. Me and My Imaginary Boyfriends. Well, as far as you know, they're imaginary.

No, they're all imaginary. If I even tried to sleep with Johnny Hazzard, Philip would cut me like the bitch I am!

Anyway, give this couple a caption. And give her some tweezers for the splinters.

Oh sweet Jesus, why did my mind have to go there?!? Yeah, you're right. Because that's what I'd have done with him. I'd never have to sleep in the wet spot...


wmyers said...

'Because something tells me that neither Kirk nor Shatner are

is~~neither / nor" = singular, therefore the verb must be singular as in neither "Steve nor he is expected to cum"

gentle with it. Just ask Yvvonne Craig'

wmyers said...

"Philip would cut me like the bitch I am!" Permit me to ask, please: Philip = your BF?

Anatomicsd said...

"Got Wood?" takes on a whole new meaning.

Pinnochio proved he was a Real Boy after all.

Dumb in Love or Dummy tell me.

Polt said...

"They both enjoyed it when she played with hsi woody."

"The freakiest thing about the entire relationship is her blue eye shadow!"

"Her husband is cropped out of the photo, but he's there and got a hand up each of their asses."

"Well, he's got more brains and a better personality than most guys I date."

"Captain and Tenelle had 'Muskcrat Love', this chick's got 'Puppet Love'...the 70's were such a wild decade."

"And they called it...Puppet Love... (sung ala Donny Osmond)"

"In the 1970's dildo weren't all that common, so women had get by with what they could."

"Candace Bergen discovers here long long brother."

"What did I wish for upon the star, to be a real boy? Hell no! I wished for a Playboy centerfold with a lumber fetish!"

"Everytime they had sex and she orgasmed, she'd scream out 'TIMMMBERRRR!'"

"He loved it when she jacked his lumber!"

That's all I got now. Happy Thanksgiving!


Kevin said...

"Martha Raye and Ann-Margret Sing the Smooth Hits of the 70s" by K-Tel.

ATwistedThought said...

Obviously, The Dummy is The One With The Real Feelings!

Java said...

I love the caption winner! Philip is a comic genius, yes?

Angel ABC said...

Watch, when his dick talks, her vagina moves.

Lance Noe said...

1. Elaine Stritch meets one of the ladies who lunch, at The Waffle House!

2. In a quiet private moment, Ellen and Portia celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary.

3. Sherry Lynn was always happiest when Pinocchio lied about where he was last night.

4. A meeting of the minds

5. He: Blue? Seriously, BLUE!

6. Sherry Lynn loved her puppets so much she matched her eye shadow to their outfits.

kansastock said...

'For the first time this Christmas, your Precious Moments collectable figurines will feature real humanlike hair AND be atomically correct!'

Anonymous said...

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