Wednesday, November 19, 2008

"Assume the Position"

You know you're gay when you've never signed up for the C-IN2 line at all, and yet you somehow end up on their mailing list.

And they send you this - - CIN2U.

But baby, I ain't complainin' .

Not one damn bit.


EMikeGarcia said...

Very, VERY nice. Although, I do have to admit that MY prison fantasies have always included hairier and/or Brazilian teams of men.

Just sayin'.

Project Christopher said...

is that like

"you're SO gay, you end up on the CIN2U mailing list without trying?"

or from the 40 year old virgin

"you know how I know you're gay? you ended up on the CIN2U mailing list without trying!"

cb said...

They evidently had ONE photo shoot... EVER... and they keep recycling the pic of the bulge lineup.

Mike said...

I have it on good authority that jail/prison is, sadly, nothing like this. Trust me, though he had other things on his mind at the time, no one was more disappointed than that good authority.