Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"My Life in Tights"

After my Robin, the Boy Wonder post a few days ago, you knew Gui would be back on Super Tuesday, right?

I sure did. I can't get enough of Gui.

Thankfully, Kenneth at F6, Queer Views of Life Along Our Three River sent me several more pics of Gui Wandresen, as well as the link to Gui's MySpace page and his YouTube channel.

Thank you, Kenneth. Thank you VERY much!

As you can see from this picture, that Exterface shoot wasn't the first time that Gui has donned Robin garb.

And as if I wan't in love already, Gui is a circus performer. How friggin' perfect is that?!?

I know that the CW scrapped their plans for a "Dick Grayson Before He Was Robin" tv show within weeks of the show being greenlit, but if someone at that ridiculously stupid network would just take a look at Gui, I have a feeling "Grayson" would be back on track.

Dick never looked so good.

Yeah, I said it. And I meant it.


Java said...

Stephen, thanks to you I now have a greater appreciation for Robin's secret identity name. Actually, thanks to you I have a greater appreciation of Robin, the Boy Wonder. Thanks for expanding my horizons!

F6's Editor said...

Now that my internet is back up *glares at the Verizon guy* I can come back over and say, "*insert Jersey accent here:*THANK YOU for everything Sweetheart!"