Sunday, November 23, 2008

"A Cross Between a Hemorrhoid and a Toothache"

When is the last time someone on Saturday Night Live parodied the White House Chief of Staff? Not to mention the White House Chief of Staff-Designate?

Yeah, that would be "never."

I know this is exaggerated, but I hope (and believe) it's just a little true. Not only do we finally have Democrats with balls in the White House (Thank you, Mr. Obama), but now, with Rahm Emanuel, we Democrats have our own, personal asshole in the White House. 

I couldn't be happier.


james said...

Love it! Rock the F on! I'm sad that I'm losing a kickass congressman, but man, it's gonna be great to have a Democratic ball-buster in the White House!

Mark in DE said...

Challenging times call for challenging people!

Strong Democrats RULE!

Mark :-)

Aaron said...

This guy is my new hero. He'll make Tom Delay look like Tom Turkey. (And he'll be smart enough not to get arrested, too.)