Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"I Got Gloss On My Lips, a Man On My Hips..."

Move over "It Girl," the "It Boy" is here, his name is Shane Mercado and he's FIERCE!  And he ain't going nowhere anytime soon. This boy is becoming famous fast.

You know you're the new "It Boy" when Saturday Night Live parodies your YouTube video and you're asked to recreate that video on the Bonnie Hunt Show

Here's Shane dancing to Beyonce's Single Ladies on Bonnie's show. Talent - - real, honest-to-God talent - - is sexy and Shane, baby, you are HOT!

Thanks to Eric McCool for sending this to me!

P.S. I grabbed the damn video and uploaded it in Blogger because no one would allow it to be embedded on YouTube or on the Bonnie Hunt Show's damn site. What is this, people? Nazi Germany?!?


Kevin said...

When I featured this on a "Does this make me look gay" I thought it was just queeny fun.

Now, I'm starting to respect the nelly.

Kudos to the Cuban Diva!

My friends call me Mitzi said...

Oh he's a sassy little dancer, isn't he? I'll take two please.

And thanks for followin' me. I like yours too.

Lance Noe said...

who the hell knew bonnie hunt had a show?

who the hell knows who bonnie hunt is?

Shayla Kersten said...

They showed a clip on The View also. He's getting some serious airtime! Good for him!