Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"Tax Paying, Law Abiding, Second Class Citizen"

Just now on The View - - yes, I'm still at home... I collected at WICKED on Saturday and I'm depressed... deal with it - - Elisabeth Hasselbeck just said...

"They call you a bigot 
if you don't approve of 
Gay Marriage."

And all I have to say is: Yes, we do. Because you are. A bigot.

Not just you, Elisabeth, but so is anyone who votes or spends money to take away rights that a group of people in this country already had.  

You are a bigot.

That said, here is another one of my favorite signs from last Saturday's Gay Marriage Rally in Federal Plaza in Chicago.

"Tax Paying, Law Abiding Second Class Citizen." 

Amen, brother. Amen.


Project Christopher said...

AMEN! and she (Elizabeth) doesn't understand why she truly deserves to just get bitch slapped.

Joie Mayfield said...

Elizabeth is a turd. She absolutely gets on my nerves.

Hey Stephen!! Long time no see! I've missed reading your blog. I'll try to do better. :(

philip said...

I think Elisabeth Hassleback just needs a good juicy twat in her face.

That'll help clear her head.

Aaron said...

Well, I don't approve of Elisabeth Hasselbeck and the rotten values she tries to spread*--can I outlaw HER?!

(*Except she doesn't do us much harm because she's so goddamned stupid that Whoopi finishes her off after one and a half bites--she's not even a light snack.)

kansastock said...

I saw it this morning, too, and almost threw my remote control at her. But then, I would have to throw my morning shake (a shake can have vodka in it, right?) at that fat twat next to her. I WANT A LAW that will arrest her and her preacher if he doesn't marry the gay. What a supid bitch.

And by the way, where's my shake at?

Shayla Kersten said...

Hasselbeck annoys me to no end. Fortunately, I'll probably never meet her. I'd have serious problems trying not to bitch slap her into next Tuesday.

jer said...

f'real. i saw that too. what is wrong with her and sherry? i don't get it. don't they know they should be nice to the gays? where do those wigs come from sherry? some nice little black lady? hell no. some cute little gay dude. BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT!

NatureJockk said...

it is so funny that mostly the vote to ban gay marriage was insured by black and Hispanic groups and churches.

The irony of it all.