Thursday, November 20, 2008

"I'm as Straight as a Line, a Chorus Line, Even..."

Wanda Sykes isn't the only celebrity to come out of the closet this past week in reaction to and to help stand in defiance of the passing of Prop 8 in California.

To be honest, I do wish that these stars had come out sooner, but I understand that Hollywood does not take kindly to women who love other women or to men who love Judy Garland and/or other men.

And when the primary focus of your career has been entertaining children, I imagine that your agent, your manager, your personal assistant and your pool boy ALL become Anita Bryant and unfortunately, there isn't a fruit pie to be found for miles!

But this past Saturday, following in the footsteps of Bert & Ernie, Peppermint Patty and Marcie and the always dapper Vanity Smurf, another beloved star of the cartoon world came out.

And while you didn't need flash cards to figure it out, it's great to have Snagglepuss as an official Friend of Dorothy!

Watch the video to find out who his lover has been all these years.

And no, it's not Jabberjaw. He's with Scrappy Doo and they... well... Trust me... Don't ask...


Project Christopher said...

That was priceless! Especially the sound effect of disbelief when they shake their head!

Java said...

I didn't even know what gay was when I watched Snagglepuss as a child. But upon reflection, OMG! I love this skit. I also love that sign with Bert and Ernie.

cb said...

Don't forget the Schmoo, Casper (the gayfriendly ghost), Pete Puma, and Sylvester.

Mike said...

Saturday morning when we were laming NOT going downtown to protest. we saw the boy with that Burt and Ernie sign headed towards the El with it.

This is relevant to absolutely nothing except to thank you and he for doing the thing that our lazy asses didn't do.

philip said...

you'll remember back when you were looking for names for your blog, one Philip J. Dawkins suggested
"Exit Stage Left, Stephen."
Good thing you didn't take my suggestion. Everyone would know you're gay. .. .

cb said...

the only problem is that he used Snagglepuss's "even" too many times.

But i'm not complainin' or bustin' his chops even!

Mark in DE said...


Mark :-)