Sunday, November 09, 2008

"White and Nerdy"

I'm not quite sure how this came about, why they decided to do this or who is responsible.

I do know that this is funny, in sort of the same way that Sarah Palin is/was funny - - it's comic gold, but somebody somewhere thought it was a really good idea and not funny at all. Which is frightening and somehow adds to the funny. Very meta.

However, unlike Sarah Palin, I am not laughing at these guys, I'm laughing with them. Because even though some of them are looking at their music as if to say, "What am I singing and why am I even here?!?," these motherfuckers are rock stars!


Aaron said...

Frankly, it's more entertaining when these people sing it than when the original artists did--at least these old folks aren't full of themselves and don't wear their pants around their ankles.

(Eww--sorry for that mental image!)

Java said...

OMG I may never recover from this.
They are available for weddings, private parties, and bar mitzvahs. Aaaaaiiiieeeee

cb said...

Jesus wept. Seriously.

Anatomicsd said...

There are some things that are too painful to watch.

So I did so twice.

Project Christopher said...


Hey Ya is my favorite! Who knew you were supposed to vibrato on yaaaaaaa. I loved the woman who just stares and scratches her chin

Lance Noe said...

lord jesus that director is as queer as a football bat!

Palm Springs Savant said...

oh my Stephen WHERE do you FIND these things? It was like a train wreck...I just had to keep watching

McCool said...

i'm officially scared and i think the new version is -- "J-Dogg wept"

i'm just sayin'