Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"He's the Boy with Intergalactic Powers. She's His Equally Far Out Sister."

I just saw this at Superheroes-R-Us. I had no idea that Disney was making another "Witch Mountain" movie: Race to Witch Mountain.

had Eddie Albert ("Green Acres is the place to be..."). "Return" had both Christopher Lee ("The Man with the Golden Gun!") and Bette Davis ("What a dump!"). So, what does the 21st Century give us with "Race" to Witch Mountain? The Rock. (Meh)

Yeah, The Rock is hot and all, but what I feel for him is NOTHING like the SEVERE crush I had on Ike Eisenmann (a.k.a. Tony) when I was little boy.

And I SO wanted to be Kim Richards (a.k.a. Tia). Nice to know they have cameos in the new movie.

I would post the shirtless picture that I found of Ike as Tony from "Return," but I'd feel too much like a dirty old man.

And since I'm 23 years old, I'm just so NOT a dirty old man. What's so damn funny?!?

Back to my point - - Disney has shirtless little boys in their movies. Is this weird to anyone else? I guess a ticket sold is a ticket sold to Disney. I just wouldn't sit next to any gentlemen wearing buttoned up trench coats inside the theatre if I were you.


Anatomicsd said...

You may not have posted the picture but you knew damn well we'd all click on that link.

Stephen Rader said...

anatomicsd - I know my audience SO well. :)

Anonymous said...

I just learned that "Tia" from witch mountain is Paris Hiltn's Aunt. Weird.

RAD said...

super cool! Im glad they are bringing it back--I loved these movies!! I saw them all at the drive in!! oh and according my late grandma ( Tutu in Hawaiian) The Rock is my 2nd or 3rd cuz...I say meh too! xo

Lance Noe said...

i LOVED these movies!!!!!!!! i had a hot hard crush on him too!

I am not sure how i feel about this though. why reinvent the wheel?

Aaron said...

I had a big old crush on Ike, too. When I saw the movie decades later, I was surprised that he had blondish hair and I'd never noticed it. Probably because I wasn't looking at his hair. I, too, was looking at his chest--even when I was 10!

Project Christopher said...

WOOHOO! Just a couple of weeks ago I put the Witch Mountain movies on my list with Netflix! Great timing. I can't wait. I liked the trailer, and while yeah... meh... he's still hot to look at. Hopefully it will keep your 23 year old eyes on him and not that new little boy.