Thursday, November 27, 2008

"A Day Without Art"

Look who's event is listed first in TimeOut Chicago's list of ways to honor the 20th anniversary of World AIDS Day.

That's right, the genius that is Eric Reda scored a wonderful mention about his event, The Chicago AIDS Quilt Songbook, which benefits the organization that I run, Season of Concern. And the recipients of Season of Concern's Larry Sloan Awards are mentioned as well.

Congratulations, Eric! I know this is going to be an incredible evening of music and earn lots of money for direct-care programs for people living with HIV/AIDS.

And y'all, I'm singing in the concert. I'm singing George Howe's song. It's me and a bunch of opera singers. Pray for me.

Here's the write up in TimeOut Chicago...

"In Hyde Park, the Court Theatre and Chicago Opera Vanguard host a musical event to benefit Season of Concern, Chicagoland's theater-community fund-raising effort. Based on A Day Without Art, a musical rendition of the AIDS quilt started by the late baritone William Parker, the Chicago version will feature 20 artists—including former CSO composer-in-residence Augusta Read Thomas, cabaret artist George Howe and Columbia professor Natasha Bogojevich, among others—creating and performing a wide range of new musical works. A preconcert reception honors CSI star William Petersen; Jersey Boys' stage manager, Larry Baker; and the Jersey Boys cast."


Java said...

That's coming up really soon, isn't it? Like, this weekend?
Have loads and loads of fun! Get out there and sing your little heart out with all those fancy opera singers. They'll make you sound fantastic. You've already got the beauty down pat. ;)

Joie Mayfield said...

You should upload a video to YouTube of you singing!! I want to hear! :)

You'll do fine. It's all about the reason you're doing it.

cum.lover said...

Does your photograph appear anywhere in the Gallery, Stephen?

I'm planning to make a donation. Thanks for the opportunity.

Great Season of Concern work that you're doing, Stephen!

cum.lover said...

I agree with J. Mayfield: you ought to upload a You Tube vid of yourself singing!

Stephen Rader said...

Thanks for the well wishes, guys! I'm not sure if anyone will be video taping on Monday, but if someone does, I will definitely get them to send me a clip of my song.

I probably won't listen to it or watch it. I can't stand watching and/or hearing myself sing. An odd hangup for an actor, but it's true nonetheless.

And yes, I'm all over that SOC photo gallery. I'm the bald guy with glasses in the AIDS Walk 2008 pics! :)

Most importantly, thanks for making a donation! It means so much to so many.

Send me good energy on Monday night!!!

Aaron Hunt said...

Thinking of you from 'yer roooots. Don't be afraid of opera singers. They suck, I know. But then they swallow. That's why I never made it in opera. I lack the initial qualifications.