Sunday, October 19, 2008

"If You Like It, Then You Shoulda Put a Ring on It"

This is, without a doubt, my new favorite song and one of my all-time favorite videos - - Beyonce's Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It).

As eMackinations pointed out in a post yesterday, this is ABSOLUTELY Beyonce's homage to Gwen Verdon dancing to Mexican Breakast with choreography by Bob Fosse

Which became very popular when the video from that song was put to the music of Walk it Out.

There's so much of the 3-person Fosse-style form in this video. Pieces of There's Gotta Be Something Better Than This from Sweet Charity and The Manson Trio from Pippin

And when you combine that with some KILLER hip-hop moves and a song that makes me do my model walk down the street, I am in heaven!


Just Kevin... said...

Thank you! Thank you! I can't believe I am going to put this down in writing but...

After getting this song on my iPhone last night, I was walking from my car to my office door this a.m. listening to it and I (blush) caught myself doing my model walk down the middle of the aisle of parked cars. Oh, my!

the joy said...

it makes everyone do the model walk... easily.

i still contend that the second chorus is my high school's drill team routine. easily.