Friday, October 03, 2008

"Hey, Can I Call You Joe?"

The ever-fabulous Eric Reda just sent me this someecard.  

I think it sums up Gov. Palin's performance in last night's debate quite well.

Because frankly, if I hear the words "folksy charm" used one more time when describing Gov. Palin... well... I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do.

I'll probably stand outside of the ABC stuidos here in Chicago with a huge sign reminding Americans that 8 years under a leader with "folksy charm" is what has tanked our economy, destroyed our worldwide reputation, caused my family and friends to lose jobs, health care coverage and lost the lives of over 4,000 of our soldiers in a war WE SHOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN IN IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!!

That's a whole lot for one sign, but you get the idea.

P.S. I know the laugh came because Palin and Biden were in agreement, but wasn't it a little disturbing that the ONLY issue they agreed upon was that they were both AGAINST Gay Marriage?  And then everyone laughed?!?  

Women, people of color, the elderly and people living with disabilities are still treated unfairly in this country, but one thing is certain - - ALL of them dislike fags and think that we don't deserve the same rights that they do.  ALL OF THEM.


Aaron said...

Tough shit. We're not going away to appease their creaky, doddering asses. They can all go cry in their fucking Efferdent as far as I'm concerned.

And I could give two shits that a hair-lift and a collagen injection came to an agreement over the fact that we shouldn't get married. Let's put it in perspective--these were the LAST CHOICES in running mates.

At least we pick our mates more carefully. (Usually.)

Scott said...

I wouldn't get to worked up over the marriage thing (and yes, I'm a gay man that would like to marry my partner).

I think that Obama/Biden *has* to take that position in order to get elected.

Is that right? No.

Would the right thing to do be to publically support gay marriage? Yes.

Will they get elected if they do that? No.

Keep in mind the Obama left the door open when he said in his book that he reserves the right that he may be wrong about gay marriage and will change his mind on it in the future.

Let's be practical here. We need to do what it takes to get these guys elected, then once their in office, let's campaign to get it changed. With a Republican in office, we have 0% of getting gay marriage passed.

Oh, and Sarah Palin's folksiness drives me up a friggin' wall. I was ready to slap her if she winked at me again.

IRV said...

According to Ms Palin, we're to be tolerated.......well FUCK HER!

philip said...

Again, there is NEVER a wrong time to stand for the right thing! I firmly believe that. And maybe that's what makes me a radical instead of a President, but there are very few Presidents from recent history who I would even have in the house. Whereas I couldn't even begin to list the many radicals and activists and artists --both known and unsung-- who have affected massive, positive change.
Fuck the Presidents and the Panderers. Give me trannies marching down the street, and Ozzie and Harriet sleeping in the same bed on National Television, and the PTA president who brings his husband to meetings with him, and the locally owned gay and gayfriendly businesses, and give me Howard Stern and Gloria Steinam and Winnie the Poo and Pamela Anderson, and every other colorful mother fucker out there not afraid to say what is right whether it's popular or not.

The office of President has become nothing more than a Place Holder. Incidentally, so is the digit zero.

Fuck propriety and strategy. My heroes are not zeros.

Alanda said...

I have to agree with Scott on this one. As much as I am disturbed and disgusted by this public rejection of gay rights and as much as I am in agreement that we need to protest Obama's position on this, we can't do that until he gets into the office. Because the collective "Left" is so varied on this and usually very unorganized - compared to the very organized "Right", there is no chance in hell we can get this changed before we get Obama in there. So, let's get him in there & then work like hell to get equal rights for gays... and ALL citizens, including reproductive rights for women, equal pay for equal work, healthcare and education for all, and stop kicking the hell out of the lower classes (as well as the middle class), which often translates into racism! We need to join together on this one so we can also join together on the next one. I'll be there...fighting with you, Rader!

Jackie said...

Sen. Biden let Palin get away with one about our rights. She made it seem as if she and McCain agree with Obama and Biden. They do not.

As Biden said, he and Obama are for giving gay folks their rights, as in civil unions with all the same rights as everyone else. Obama and Biden feel "marriage" is between each individual and their church. McCain and Palin are NOT for civil unions or civil rights, such as SSA benefits etc. for gays.
Gwen Iffle should have immediately asked Palin,.. So then you and McCain are for civil unions that include the same civil rights as other Americans? Her answer would have been NO.
Biden's answer is yes.

And she tolerates us. Well, isn't that special. Bitch.

Aaron said...

But Sarah IS that very short bus kind of way...

cb said...

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I don't want our country represented by someone who will meet foreign dignitaries with a wink and a "you betcha".

Aaron said...

One last thought regarding Jackie's post: I noticed that he let her get away with the imagined shared rejection of our rights, too, but he didn't have a chance to rebut anway. The bitch very cleverly slipped it into the END of her answer, when she knew that Gwen Ifill would be changing the subject with the next question.

She's a sneaky little snatch, I'll give her that. (I'd also like to give her an overdose of laxatives, but that's another story.)