Monday, October 13, 2008

My New Favorite Caption Contest #38

The picture for last week's caption contest was sent to me by my good friend Ruth.

It was an album cover, and I cropped out the name of the group and the HYSTERICAL name of the album.

Here they are, The Faith Tones, with their hit album, "Jesus Use Me!"

What the fuck?!?

How did this make it to press? How?!?

Well, now that you know where the picture came from, I can now announce the winner of the #37 Caption Contest.

The winner is Doug from I Get That a Lot with this brilliant caption...

"Her eyeglasses always made Norma feel like the homely one."

Love it, Doug! LOVE IT!!!! Poor Norma. I know just how she feels. Truly, I do.

I chose this week's picture after taking Kathy Griffin's advice and doing a Google image search to check out the "I'm a Slutty 15 Year Old" pictures of Miley Cyrus that MILEY TOOK HERSELF!

But instead of choosing one of those VERY DISTURBING pictures, I thought this one was in SERIOUS need of a caption...

I'm not sure what's going on here, but I love it. I love it so hard.

I know, I know. Give 'em a caption. After you've picked your jaw off the floor.


Anatomicsd said...

The happy honeymoon picture...taken just before the poor girl asphyxiated when her head got sandwiched between fat folds while giving oral sex.

Anatomicsd said...

This is my Mother. Her uterus never recovered.

Polt said...

On the next season of "Ugly Duckling" our makeover specialists, plastic surgeons, and our very own etiquette diva will take a sumo-sized giant fat black man and in two short weeks, turn him into a small petite anorexic type fashion model! Wednesdays this Fall, on the Oxygen network.

Polt said...

"I found her stuck under my left boob. How she got there, I've no idea."

"Yes, I'll smile politely for the camera, but do NOT make me touch him! Ew..."

"Cindy was so proud of her own homemade Golem. And she wasn't even Jewish!"


Doug said...

Hannah Montana meets Bubba Blubber.

Doug said...

Tyrone Lardell of New York City was so excited to meet "Hannah Montana" star Miley Cyrus that he ate her up and swallowed her whole just seconds after this photo was taken.

philip said...

-She's just being Miley.

-Yes, they're mine.

-We'll always be bosom buddies . ..

-What's that, Miley? I gunt hear you.

-Who wants to see a magic trick? I'm going to make this penicl thin girl ... dissappear.

-This was supposed to be a picture of Miley Cyrus and the entire Royal Family of Monaco, but then that guy wandered into the shot.

-Next issue of TeanBeat: Miley Ray Cyrus lets it all hang out. . . of Roger.

-Miley Ray Cyrus gets busted.

-Don't you break my daughter. My achey brakey daughter.

-Change you can believe in.

-Can I keep him, please? please please please? I promise to walk him every day.

-Get your hands off me, you damn dirty tween.

-Star Jones. Before and after.

-Production still from NBC's upcoming series, How I Met Your Blubber.

-Ugh, gross. I mean, seriously, eew. Who wants to look at that? Gawd! Silver lamee'!? Jeezus!

-Someone's clearly using axe body spray.

-Wow, Gwynneth Paltrow can play ANY role, can't she?

-I'll say it, Billy Ray's really let himself go.

- I thought Lyndsay Lohan was a lesbian now. ..

-you know, with Jordan being as full-figrued as he is, I wouldn't have advised wearing white, but he really provides some nice contrast with that silver cane.

-Nobdy moves, nobody gets hurt.

-This isn't really a caption, but did anyone else notice the 'v' between the two figures? It's like Kramer v. Kramer only it's THAT GUY v. MILEY. Wonder who comes out on top?

peter said...

Mum, can I wear this costume for Hallowe'en?!

Mike Ellis, The Jolly Reprobate said...

...all this and more, on this season's Dancing with the Stars

Polt said...

Wow, Philip's back! And in fine form! YAY!


jer said...

jesus...phillip is back...wait...that's not my caption.

--the reports are true...hannah montana really is preparing to eat miley ray cyrus

Anatomicsd said...

Simba shows Miley how to REALLY bare it all for the camera.

Mark in DE said...

While most girls she knew wished for ponies, Brittany wished for a gorilla.

Mark :-)

cb said...

Who knew there was an album called "Jesus use me!" I say that every weekend!

cb said...

Hannah Montana? Meet Joe Small Planet.

Project Christopher said...

Philip, glad you're back, I'm in awe of your rapid-fire ability! What's even more impressive is your zingers are different tangents. Most rapid-fire runs come from a linear path (sorry for disecting comedy, it's what I do :)) Good job!

Given that, I can't even come up with anything to follow what's above LOL

McCool said...

New This Winter from The Creators of Star Wars and Beauty & The Beast...

Sumo Joe and Miley Cyrus in...

Jabba & The Bitch
(Stupid Miley)

Rated ZZZZzzzz

Anonymous said...

I know Phillip was out of the loop for a bit but I think we need to rein him in a bit....maximum of 3 Phillip entries per photo...LOL

otherwise i'll just go back to not even bothering.

McCool said...

The Disneyland Catering Manager was fired after mistakenly transcribing Miley's Birthday dessert request.

"I wanted a Big Chocolate Mousse...NOT a Big Chocolate MOOSE!"

Angel ABC said...

Hannible Lector vs. Hanna-rexia: In this week's Battle of the Eating Disorders, the winner will either explode or float away.

Hannible Lector. Hanna Montana. We're one Hanna shy of an eating disorder.

Michael said...


Oh wait, Philip's back.......crap.

(Welcome back honey!)