Saturday, October 04, 2008

"I Go Out Walkin'"

It took a couple of weeks for most of the pledges to be counted and I won't have an official total for another week or so, but I am thrilled to report that Season of Concern's AIDS Walk Teams in 2008 nearly doubled our pledge total from last year!!!

As of this week, Seaon of Concern's AIDS Walk Teams raised over $19,000, 
which will provide direct-care support to people living with HIV/AIDS.

(L to R) Aaron Smith, Leslie Shook, Missy Young, Elisa Woodruff, 
Philip Dawkins, Kate Garassino and Jeanne Crouch

Our initial goal was $10,000.  Then, I became optimistic (it happens sometimes) and increased it to $15,000.  The fact that we raised much more than that is a testament to the people who joined our AIDS Walk Teams and all of you who pledged me or one of our walkers.  Thank you!

(L to R, staggered) Kate Garassino, Elisa Woodruff, Aaron Smith, Philip Dawkins, 
Liz Hoffman, me, John Petlicki, Leslie Shook, Myrna Petlicki, Jeanne Croft, 
Karen Bronson, Sylvia Fellin and Sean Walton

We had an incredible time on the day of the Walk.  Here are just a few of the highlights...


This was my favorite AIDS Walk t-shirt.

AIDS Apathy Makes Your Ass Look Big!" 

I love it!


Me and Missy Young near the beginning of the Walk...

Me and Missy Young near the end of the Walk.  Attempting a menage Chester Cheetah.

Don't ask. Like Denise Richards, "It's complicated."


Our Team at the Chicago lakefront.  So beautiful.


Philip and Liz looking incredibly cute.

Check out Philip's arm!  All that "Kung Fu Fighting" is really bringing the gun show to town!

(Note to Self: Kung Fu is the new Pilates.)


Here's Philip, Karen, Liz and Missy having way too much fun near the end of the course.

Is there such a thing as a "5k Walkers' High?"


Seeing the Finish Line made me so happy.  The complimentary post-Walk hot dogs being handed out just past the Finish Line were what actually got my out of shape ass to the Finish Line.

It's only a 5k walk, but after a week of eating tons of Southern fried food and laying around like a beached Nell Carter, I considered hailing a taxi to get me through the last two miles.  But I made it, and Season of Concern surpassed our fundraising goal!

Thanks to everyone who walked for Season of Concern and to all the incredibly generous donors who sponsored our team members.  We greatly appreciate your overwhelming support of our organization and our mission!  See you in '09!


Aaron said...

Damn--we really WERE good.

Polt said...

Philip in a wife-beater...*SIGH*... That's almost worth the price of an airline ticket to Chicago. :)

Congrats on your successful walk, guys!


Doug said...

So wished I could have been there... it was a blast in 2007. Way to go, Annie Grace!
I was with you in spirit as I walked La Rambla in Barcelona...

Philip, your bod is looking Dawkinlicious, as Blayne would say.

RAD said...


Michael said...

I will walk this with you one year. I promise!!!

Mark in DE said...

Love that t-shirt!

I noticed the same thing about Philip's arm, even before I read your comment. Way to go, Grasshopper!

Mark :-)