Sunday, October 12, 2008

"Cover Me!"

Guess who is going to see Kathy Griffin at the Chicago Theatre tonight?


Guess who is going for free?

You got it.

Amy Matheny and I were supposed to have brunch today to do another episode of the Windy City Queercast, but she called last night to say that she had scored free tickets to Kathy Griffin's show for tonight, so we're doing the podcast en route.  I can't wait!

I found this little video of one of Kathy's bits on her web site.  It's hilarious.

I really need a laugh.  I think it's over between me and the Boy in Florida.  More on that later.


Java said...

I've heard of her, but this is the first time I've heard her. OMG. I'm trying not to laugh because my sweetie is napping beside me. I'm 'bout to bust a gusset.

I know you will have fun tonight.

Aaron said...

I love her stories about her mom even more than Margaret Cho's...Kathy's mom, the uber-Catholic, sounds like my maternal grandmother. "Goddamn it, Josephine, you behave in here"--they were in church--"people are gonna think we ain't got no class!"

Enjoy for me! (I'm sorry things don't look good with the Boy from Florida...but you will find happiness yet.)

Anonymous said...

Free tickets? To Kathy Griffin??

You lucky, lucky bastard.

Anonymous said...

Free tickets? To Kathy Griffin??

You lucky, lucky bastard.

Kevin Is The New Shirley said...


I worship her! I adore her! I want to be her (but with waaaaaaay better hair).

Hope u have an awesome time. Let me know if she mentions me!

Polt said...

OhMiGOD!! I am SO jealous! Not only do you get licked by Philip, but you get to see Kathy...FOR FREE!!!

Man, in my next life, I want to BE you, Stephen!

Have a great time!


Anatomicsd said...

Lucky bastard indeed. I'm sure you had a wonderful time.

Michael said...

Lucky bastard indeed.

Sorry to hear about Mr. Florida.

RAD said...

Hope you had fun- shes great to see and if you need a good laugh then you got it for sure!

Mark in DE said...

Have a BLAST at the show! I heart Kathy so hard.

Mark :-)

Anonymous said...

i love Kathy jealous!! I hope you had fun!