Wednesday, October 01, 2008

"Some Beach, Somewhere..."

As promised, a few pics from my recent vacation in Hilton Head, SC....

I try never to post pictures that flaunt my skin's resemblance to chalk, but without this picture, you'll look at the pics of me at the end of our trip and think, "He's so pasty."  Yeah. It sucks.

My brother may have gotten up every morning around 5:30 a.m. so that he could watch the sun rise over the ocean, but my vacation consisted of...

Sleep till 10:00 a.m. (or later if possible), have a large breakfast of Southern fried cooking, shove myself into my board shorts, apply a ton of spf, help carry our four tons of gear to the beach, sit under the umbrella, read, listen to my iPod, fall asleep, swim in the ocean, pee in the ocean, walk back to the room, vegetate, have a large dinner, vegetate some more, go to bed.

Rinse and repeat.  That's how I roll.

In the middle of all of that, I took a ton of pictures...


Here's Mama in the ocean.  

With her signature seashell visor and purple innertube.  So cute.


And here's my brother Jeff on the beach.  As requested.  You're welcome.


And here's the three of us at our new favorite restaurant in Hilton Head - - One Hot Mama's!

We picked it strictly for the name.


We parked right beside the restaurant's van.  

Check out the bottom right-hand corner.


I love this so hard.

Reminds me of a drag queen I saw once in Atlanta.


This is possibly the cutest picture of my mother and my brother that has ever been taken.

It's rather "Dancing with the Stars," 
but that makes sense since they OWNED the Apache Dance on this trip.


I love this picture of Mama.  So peaceful.  So happy.  

I wish we could live there all year round.

Currently, the temperature in Chicago is nearly forty degress below what the temperature was in Hilton Head on the day I took this picture.  Two weeks ago.

Anybody know of any jobs in the Hilton Head area for a bald, musical theatre loving, fanboy with a kinky sex drive and possibly a live-in mother?  


Ryan Barrett said...

Stephen, actually, yes, i know a few jobs for a bald, musical theatre loving, fan boy with a kinky sex drive and a possible live-in mother. If you want we can go stay with my family as we look for work, but you might consider taking trips to either Charleston or Savannah for picking up cute boys.

Polt said...

Mama's got a PURPLE innertube! Cripes, it's not as if I loved her to death already, but I have to love her even MORE! Like...after death? no, that's just creepy.

Yes, thank you very much for the bro's him, I'd LIKE to love, but in an entirely different, decadent, and debauched way than I do your mama. :)

Glad you had a great time!


Alanda said...

so. cute. :)

cb said...

I can't believe you pee in the ocean! *cough cough WHITE TRASH cough*

Plus, the next picture of that wave hitting your mamma, I'm thinking "Ewwww... Pee water!"

Stephen Rader said...

ryan - Seeing as how there isn't a gay bar on Hilton Head, Savannah will definitely be our destination. "I should have known you'd know where to find the boys AND THE BOOZE!" Love that!!!!

polt - Yep, my mom loves purple and my brother is also gay and single. I think that makes you my brother-in-law very soon, correct? :)

alanda - Thanks! Wish you had been there with us!

cb - Please, the ocean loves waterports. Besides, it was hot. Not when it hit my mom, but nevertheless...

Anatomicsd said...

I can't believe that your brother is single. Are all the boys in Atlanta blind?

Stephen Rader said...

anatomicsd - What about the boys in Chicago?!?! Aren't THEY blind too?!?!?! Or are you just saving me for yourself? :)

RAD said...

thanks for sharing--I love pic post like these! You are all so dang cute!!! Ma and the boys! Priceless!

Anatomicsd said...

Hell yeah. Nothin' better than a little slice of Southern decadence in Chicago.

Michael said...

Stephen Rader in POWDER: THE MUSICAL!

I know, I know.....this from a man who is perpetually tan.

But I just couldn't resist. XO :)

Mark in DE said...

I think its so great that you and your brother take a week to go on vacation with your mom. While most guys/gays are planning their time off for the white party in Palm Springs, etc. you two gays are chillin' in HH w/your mom. I respect that!

Mark :-)

Scooter said...

Your mama's a hoot!!! The video is brilliant!