Tuesday, October 28, 2008

"That's Being a Maverick"

With the elections exactly one week from today - - haven't we been talking about this election since 1978? - - here are a couple of fun videos to remind us just how ridiculous the McCain campaign has become...

...and how important it is to vote. Say, for instance, that I didn't vote next week...

Thanks to Eric McCool for sending me this last video. I love it!


EMikeGarcia said...

Both of those videos are priceless!

Stephen! It's up to you!

If need be, I'll get you up out of bed with some nice oral sex, how about that?

I'm always willing to do my part for our country.

cb said...

I have received that damn Obama election video blaming me like 4 times now!

Mark in DE said...

Indeed, it DOES feel like this election has been going on since 1978. I will be SOOOOO happy on Nov 5th when its over.

Let's cross our fingers "the brown guy" gets it!!!

Mark :-)