Sunday, October 19, 2008

"You Are Way Hotter in Person"

Last night's opening of Saturday Night Live - - Palin meets Palin!

Tina Fey is brilliant as always and these political sketches - - particularly the Palin ones - - are what have made me consider actually watching the show again. Then, I watch a performance like Alec Baldwin's in this sketch and remember why I don't bother.

I know the show is written in days and I know that changes are made right up to air time, but at least TRY to memorize SOME of your lines! Reading your lines directly off of a teleprompter and not looking at the people you are in the scene with KILLS the sketch. 

You'll notice that the real Sarah Palin is almost 100% off book for this sketch. That woman knows how to memorize talking points and spew them out, even when they have nothing to do with the question being asked.

Tina Fey still does a better pagent walk, though.


cb said...

I still can't believe they tried to legitimize Palin by having her on the show. (vomit)

Aaron said...

I suppose it wasn't hard to memorize the lines when all she had to do was nod and say that one about "30 Rock."

Baldwin's performance was horrible, but I loved the line: "How could you send our Tina out there side by side with that AWFUL woman?!"