Tuesday, October 28, 2008

"Gone, Baby. Gone."

I took the 135 express bus downtown this morning to speak to the cast of The Goodman Theatre's A Christmas Carol at their first rehearsal.

As usual, when I got on the bus, I took my iPod earphones out of my ears and looped the cord behind my neck, keeping my iPod in my coat pocket.

Coat pocket. Because it was 20 fucking degrees in Chicago early this morning.

I sat in the very back row of seats on the bus in the middle seat, minding my own business, deeply engaged in my Birds of Prey comic book.

Realizing that I was a little to early to go into the Goodman rehearsal room, I jumped up and got off the bus at the Wacker and Wabash stop.

And as I waited for the light so that I could cross the street, I realized that the earphones were dangling.

Because I had left my iPod on the bus.

Somehow, it fell out of my coat pocket. As I SAT! How did it do that?

This is the iPod that I almost died for. And now it's gone.

Sure, I'll call the CTA and check with their Lost and Found Department. If they even have one.

But it's gone. You'd think that if God doesn't want me to have a boyfriend, he would AT LEAST let me have a fucking iPod. Especially after I PAID FOR IT.

But no. God wants me to be alone. And to walk around the city in absolute silence.

No Beyonce allowed.


Project Christopher said...

OH GOD! I'm so sorry to hear that! YIKES! I thought about you yesterday as I sat on the platform for the Irving Park Blue Line. I bumped my ipod (also in my winter coat pocket) and missed my entire Savage Love podcast. I took the ipod out to get back to where I was and it nearly popped out of my hand, where it would surely have plopped down on the tracks. I thought of you and would i have jumped? sure, no train was coming.... :)
sorry to hear about that... good luck! I have a nano you can use in the meantime if you want it... let me know.

Kevin (Is The New Shirley) said...

that sucks dirty ass.

ayem8y said...

Sorry for your loss. You’ll be in my thoughts and prayers.

Java said...

so sorry!

Mike Maloney said...

Brutal. Try not to do anything drastic like start slitting your wrists, just take deep breaths and everything will be okay.

I have an old iPod Mini that needs a home if you want it until you get a replacement (Still works okay, battery life is a little weak). Let me know.

Anatomicsd said...

Well...now that just sucks.

One of the reasons that I don't own and iPod is that I'm terribly prone to losing things.

cb said...

Dude, that does suck. But i think that this particular iPod was a star in "Final Destination V" or something.

And if an iPod EVER falls onto the L tracks again... Let It Go.

You can always get a shuffle as a replacement. It holds like 2 Gig and they are pretty cheap now.

Michael said...

Apparently the fates really want your goddamned iPod. Stupid fates.

NatureJockk said...

It does amaze me how Neanderthal some elements of our species can be.

This is not a thought process of intellectuals.


Scary we have extremists in our 21st century society.

NatureJockk of NatureJockks gay Views..

Anonymous said...

We can have a bake sale and get you a new one. or Pass the hat around.
That does suck. Like taking your phone for a swim suck.

Ladies, everyone send Stephen $10.

Lance Noe said...

OK ATTENTION EVERYONE: I say that at least 25 people read this site on a ragular basis. if we all cheap in $10 then that is mor e than enough to pay for the comedy, laughs and love we receive from this man so that he can have some joy in his life. A little happiness and love in his day.

Because god knows he cant get laid!

Bunny said...

Man, that sucks. Maybe the gods will look favorably upon you and it'll be turned into lost and found. But I wouldn't hold my breath for that outcome. People can sometimes surprise us with their kindness and humanity. But mostly not so much.

Hugs, sweetie; I'm so sorry.

Mark in DE said...

Oh, no!!!

But think of the bright side: maybe the loss of the iPod means God is bringing you a boyfriend!!!

Mark :-)