Monday, July 06, 2009

"Nobody Talks Like That Anymore in the Movies, Except for... Meryl..."

This happened at the Pride Parade, people. It happened and no one's talking about it. But I will.

Again this year, ABC covered the Pride Parade, all three hours of it, and then broadcast a condensed, one-hour version later that night.

I think of their broadcast as "Pride Light." Or "MMMmmm... I Can't Believe It's Not Pride!!!"

ABC's Janet Davies always provides commentary from a booth... somewhere... and most of the time, she has absolutely no idea what she's talking about.

Like the year that the bar Jackhammer had a float with three or four muscle studs in orange construction vests and nut-hugger, short-short, cut-off jeans, and two of them had actual jackhammers that they were turning on and off, causing their bitch tits to shimmy and shake to the delight of the crowd.

Janet saw the float and said something like...

"Oh... And here we have a float... of...
gay... construction workers. Good for them!

No, Janet. Don't you have a list of the parade entries? And even if you don't, have you ever seen four construction workers who looked like THAT together in one place in your life?!? (If your answer is "Yes," I want the address and time of day STAT!)

So that said, what happened this year is priceless.

During an interview on the street with ABC's Mark Nilsson, the Pride Parade's Grand Marshall and my good friend Alexandra Billings, when asked about an appearance years ago on Janet Davies' local entertainment show, 190 North, compared Ms. Davies... Meryl Streep.

I peed. I screamed, howled with laughter and then peed all over myself. Sure, that happens every Tuesday at 7:45 p.m., but this was on a Sunday. And I loved it.

Alex's exact quote is brilliantly funny. Check it out at the 1:36 mark in the clip below.

And Meryl, if you're reading this, be sure to watch the video to see Janet in action.

Watch and learn, Meryl. Watch and learn...

UPDATE: Sorry about the video being set on private. It's public now. Click away.


dbb said...

When I click on the link, it says its a private video. If you friend me, then I can see it.

james said...

dammit, the video won't play!

but that pbs documentary on alexandra billings was brilliant. they should give it away as a premium next time they are soliciting gay dollars on a pledge drive.

McCool said...

James -- they can't put the AB Story out on dvd because they didn't get rights to the music. HOWEVER, they have promised that it will forever be viewable at

Jim G. said...

Ha! But actually, Alex, isn't Meryl Streep the Meryl Streep of our generation? :-)

Mark in DE said...


james said...

yeah, i wish they had shown three hours of the parade on TV later that night -- geez, guess they really had to show those 'Lost' or '190 North' reruns at 12:30am! -- but can you imagine listening to Janet Davies for THREE HOURS? I can't.

Michael said...

I. Fucking. Hate. Janet. Davies.