Sunday, July 26, 2009

"It Amazes Me"

She did it again, folks. She surpassed her financial goal. She raised more money than every before.

My friend Karen's cabaret benefit for Season of Concern raised $1,450. In a day. And it's all her.

Tremendous thanks to Karen and to everyone who performed today - - Mark Mavetz, Doug Orlyk, Debbie Roberts, Stephen Schroeder and Lori Skubich. They were knocking their songs out of the park this afternoon and this evening.

And Karen once again chose songs for herself that are challenging both artistically and personally, and as always, she performed them with an ease, a grace and a heart-filled perfection that amazed me.

She always amazes me. Her passion for life and her care for others constantly amazes me.

I am blessed with her friendship.

Much love, Karen. Thank you. You mean more to me than you'll ever know.


Doug said...

I second that! Everything you said. It's an honor to participate in the event each year. And we are thrilled to have you join us, Stephen-- your boundless energy and heart bring an added mess o' fun to the experience.

"Scoot over... eat your soup... you're drunk..."

Aaron said...

I had such a nice time. You all sounded fantastic...congratulations to Karen and all of you on a successful event!

karen said...

And I love you right back my friend!

Michael Rivers said...

Congrats Karen! What a great thing to do for a great cause!

Prospero said...

And what did you end up singing?