Friday, July 31, 2009

"I Was Born on the Side of a Hill"

My very good friend, Alexandra Billings, in her latest edition of "Katie's Corner."

Today, Katharine Hepburn teaches YOU how to audition.

And she discusses some of her celebrity friends.

And Depends Undergarments.

Oh yeah...

Go Katie!


Kevin said...

"...and that's how you do it."

I can't stand (and by "can't stand" I mean "can't get enough") of her!!!

I look forward to everything she posts! And it's all because of YOU, Mr. Rader!

Much love!

RG said...


the hobbit said...

I wanted to give you love here AND on Faceplace. THANK YOU FOR THIS!!!!

David said...

"Something that moo-oo-ooo-ves you!"

Steven, I think she's talking about you. ;-)