Friday, December 07, 2007

Hat with a Bat

Eric McCool just emailed me four pictures of this boy under the subject "new fantasy bf?"

Baby, if this man isn't Imaginary Boyfriend material, then I'm not quite sure who is!!

As Eric said...
"...nothing like a hot shirtless man in jeans walking
down the beach in a cowboy hat and carrying a bat!"

I'm not quite sure why he's walking down the street carrying a bat, but I have a suggestion about what he can do with it if he's so inclined.

A rousing game of stickball, perhaps? Where did your dirty mind go?


McCool said...


here's what he could do...

1. clear a path to the bar during those crowded open bar holiday parties
2. whack the following over the head
a. bitter exes
b. nasty queens
c. bill collectors
d. anyone that pisses you off
3. play a hot sweaty game of softball as foreplay
4. use it as a conversation starter with the lesbian you really want to fix something
5. *grin*........OUCH! more lube please....and just pour the poppers on my pillow....this may take a while.


Stephen Rader said...

McCool - I love, Love, LOVE your dirty mind. Especially, #5. Now, that's what I call a weekend!!!

LOL GayPorn said...

I seen cowboyz like that with big sticks at a ranch in Okeechobee.

Stephen Rader said...

LOLgayporn - Damn! Bring 'em ON!!!!

McCool said... i know you????? you evidently know me. hmmm

Aaron said...

ALL good suggestions, Eric! I tend to whack the nasty queens with my paper fan, but--what the hell!! ;-)

Polt said...

A bat? The beach? How can anyone possibly get beyond those ABS????


McCool said...

aaron....then that would be your signal to him as to who's next on the smackdown list! *grin*

Palm Springs Savant said...

hubba hubba. nice stick he has, for sure.

Anonymous said...

Can fantasy boyfriends be like fantasy football? I mean can we have like teams of them and a league?

Stephen Rader said...

McCool - You should check out LOLgayporn. You will love it!

Aaron - I love that you are upgrading from a paper fan to a baseball bat. One strike is all it will take to knock the nasty out of those bitchy queens. :)

Polt - You speak the truth! Those abs definitely win!

McCool - Amen!!!

Palm Springs Savant - Walk Gayly and Carry a Big Stick. (I had to go there).

Uprightguy - What a great idea!! I don't understand Fantasy Football at all, so if you can help me work out all the rules and regulations with Fantasy Boyfriend, we just might have the next gay fad! This week. :)

Steven said...

Talk about having a splinter in all the wrong places.

Shirley Heezgay! said...

reminds me of Lucille Ball (as Kitty) in Follow the Fleet:

"(to a sailor hitting on her): Tell me, little boy, did you get a whistle or baseball bat with that suit?"

Stephen Rader said...

Steven - Yep, well that's why I prefer the aluminum bats. :)

Shirley Heezgay - Really, no matter how far we ever go, "the funny" will always track back to Lucy. Always! I love me some Lucy.

Mark in DE said...

Hell yeah!!! And where are the other 3 photos of this hottie?

Mark :-)

Stephen Rader said...

Mark - I'll send 'em over to you if you like! :)