Friday, December 14, 2007

Fratboy Friday

This week has flown by and even though Christmas is only 11 days away (Dear Lord...), I haven't purchased one gift. Not a single present. For anyone.

So, before I get lost in Holiday Mania and actually complete a task on my To Do List, how about a little Fratboy Friday?

Here are this week's...


Once again, Rob over at Seduced by the New... sent me a pic of a boy that I had no choice but to post in Fratboy Friday.

Look at that boy. When they have arms the size of trees and pecs that could double as helipads, I assume everything else is anatomically similar. All that helps me overlook the fact that he has his hands behind his back because he just evolved an opposable thumb.

If he drives a pickup truck and has a Southern accent, I just might have to start stalking him.


Rock Hard Abs? Nice!

Football Toys? Sure.

Pencil Sketch of Jesus? Ummm... okay...

Feathery Angel Wings? Okay, what the fuck?

Let's just stare at the abs. Otherwise, we need the CSI team to decipher all these friggin' clues.


I've never been tempted to pick up hitchhikers, but this... this would make me pull over.

This would make me do a lot of things, but "pull over" would start it all out.


No other picture in the history of God and Man has ever fully depicted the "Damn, I Was So Drunk Last Night" phenomenon quite like this one.

It's the age old story. Boy meets boy. Boy invites boy over to watch the big game. Boy strips down to his FTL's and downs a Bud Light. Boy wakes up hours later and remembers dreaming that he had a bit part in a sci fi movie where he kept saying one line over and over...

"The anal probe. The anal probe."

Maybe I should start drinking Bud Light. Hmmm...


Mark in DE said...

Jesus God Almighty!!! (And I'm not talking about the one in the pencil sketch.) You have outdone yourself with today's "Boys in Caps", "Saggers", and "Mooners". Good LORD!!! Hot, hot, HOT!!!

Even if you never again wrote anything interesting or funny I would return to this blog for the eye candy. I'm just sayin'.

Mark :-)

Tina said...

Dear Santa [I mean Stephen],

I want you to have a great holiday.

Signed, McLovin
a 25 year old organ donor
from Hawaii

Stephen Rader said...

Mark - My mother can cook, my father can drink and I know how to pick out the eye candy!!! Thank you!

Tina - What organ are you donating, McLovin? :)

Tina said...

The one that loves you, baby.

Stephen Rader said...

Tina - Yum. I hoped you were going to say that!

Nick said...

Mr. Rader,

First of all Adam and I check your blog everyday to remind us of home and how much we miss you. Second, two extra things I find funny about the I Was So Drunk Last Night picture:

1) It appears he got drunk on his Grandma's couch. Sad? Hot? Both?

2) The boy has a tennis shoe snuggled in next to him on the couch. So he's not only a gay drunk, he's a shoe fetish gay drunk. That's definitely hot.

(Dolly tickets go on sale in NYC in 20 minutes. We'll think of you the whole time)

Palm Springs Savant said...

where DO you find these photos? Or at least invite us when you take them!!!!!

Catty Bitch said...

The Boy in Cap took me to a very special place.

Stephen Rader said...

Nick - So great to hear from you! And I love that you read my little blog! I miss you and Adam. How are you cuties doing in in NYC?

And yes, that is definitely Grandma's couch, which is hot. Sadly hot.

But the shoe fetish is not "sadly hot," it's just plain HOT!!!

I love that you're seeing Dolly in NYC! I'll think of you two when I see her here. Much love and Happy holidays, you two!!!

Stephen Rader said...

Rick - I never reveal my sources. But let's just say there are a few Yahoo groups that send out TONS of these pics. I sift through them and find the best ones. For entertainment purposes, you understand. :)

Catty Bitch - Glad he took you there. He took me there last week. It's nice there, isn't it?

Java said...

Your boy in the cap? Oh, he definitely drives a pick-up truck. I can tell. I know these things, being a pick-up truck driver myself.
I'd peg the accent as either southern or maybe New York/New Jersey. Possibly a Boston southie, but unlikely. What do you think, Catty Bitch- could he be from the gulf coast?

Stephen Rader said...

Java - I love me some pick-up truck drivers. My first long-term boyfriend back home in TN drove one and at first, I wasn't so sure about it. I got over it after the first kiss. And the first time we went a whole lot further in that truck. Yum. :)

Anonymous said...

"I assume everything else is anatomically similar."

Heh. Don't.

I mean, haven't porn movies taught you how often incorrect that is?

Stephen Rader said...

Anonymous - True. Very true. But I can dream that all of this boy's parts are proportional, can't I? :)