Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Dolly, Chicago, "Me and Little Andy"

A little bird named Amy Matheny told me about this about the About Face Theatre Holiday Party last Thursday, but now it's official...

Thanks to Jeanne for sending me all the info. You better damn well believe I'm going to be there!

Last time she was in Chicago, Philip and I went to the concert in matching baseball shirts. Mine had a "9" on the back and his had a "5" on the back. And on the front of both of our shirts, we were the words...

"I Slapped Ouiser Boudreaux!"

It was heaven!

Here's the info on Dolly's upcoming concert...

Dolly Parton at the Chicago Theatre
Friday, February 29 at 8:00pm. Tickets On Sale Monday, December 17 at Noon Reserved tickets are priced at $85 and $60 (plus a limited number of gold circle seats) and will be available at the Chicago Theatre box office and all Ticketmaster outlets.
To charge-by-phone call 312-559-1212.
To order online, visit Ticketmaster.com.

And as a little incentive to all you Chicago folks who may not want to run out and grab a ticket to Dolly, here's the perfect Dolly Parton song to play on a "cold and stormy night."

This is the sublime, slightly ridiculous and as Dolly herself describes it in the clip, "absolutely pitiful," Me and Little Andy...

P.S. Wow. Dolly Parton tickets. What an excellent Christmas gift!


JOE * to * HELL said...

well i love dolly - and in my own way i love you

but you are tagged, beyotch

you are it in the 10 things meme


Mark in DE said...

Have you seen the documentary "For the Love of Dolly?" Its kinda funny in the sense that Dolly has a great sense of humor and an amazing ability for quick comebacks. Its also a little scary to see the truly deranged and obsessed fans who follow/stalk her. All in all, good times!

Mark :-)

Palm Springs Savant said...

I love Dolly...and would seriously consider coming to Chicago to see her (and you). let me know Stephen, I am totally serious. Yes, even in the dead of Winter I'd leave the desert!

Stephen Rader said...

joe*to*hell - I'm a tagged bitch! And it ain't even the weekend!!! Thank you, baby!!!

Mark - I love FOR THE LOVE OF DOLLY. It showed all aspects of the Dolly Fan Mania.

Rick - Bring it on!! Definitely!!! I would love that. If you want to brave the Chicago cold for me and Dolly, come on up!!

RAD Homo said...

I love Dolly...My Granny loved her...she would giggle when Dolly would do her wonderful laugh...Ok.. so I had to chuckle on the 9 to 5 shirts...classic!

Stephen Rader said...

Rad Homo - What a wonderful memory of your grandmother! So sweet. And yes, our "9 to 5" shirts made many a queen shout, "'Atta girl!" :)