Friday, June 22, 2007

Speedo Junkie

I subscribe to a lot of blogs. Too many blogs. Way too many blogs.

I subscribe to so many blogs that I find myself spending a couple of hours in the early morning or evening reading through everyone's posts.

Hours I used to spend at the gym.

Which is probably why I will not be shirtless at Gay Pride this year.

Well, that coupled with the Cold Stone Creamery that opened less than a block from my apartment a couple of years ago. I knew that would be the end of my "lean and hungry look."

Luckily, some of the blogs to which I subscribe don't require reading. They are merely for my visual pleasure. Like Speedo Junkie.

Yep. That's the name. Speedo Junkie. Two simple words that say so much.

For instance, this was the first picture for today's post from Speedo Junkie...

Yeah. That's why I subscribe.

I call the picture above...

"Kneel Before Zod as Rodin's THE THINKER (in your speedo)."

But the second picture of today's Speedo Junkie post made me giggle. In addition to being slightly funny, it sort of sums up one aspect of the gay experience...

I can just hear the inner monologue of the twinky princess on the left...

"Ummm... what the fuck is that hanging around his neck?!?

"Okay, why wasn't I given a cute, dangly necklace to draw attention to my incredibly cut pecs and boyish yet masculine nipples?

"This is bullshit! First, I didn't get the black square cuts with the cute, white drawstring and now this!

"I knew I should have hit the tanning bed harder in December, I KNEW IT!!!"

Calm down, girl. There's enough pretension and shallow narcissism for all ya'll.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. You're right. I'm just bitter cause I miss my abs. Bye bye, bread. It was nice having you around for awhile.

But let's not end this on a sad note of "diets yet to come." Let's end it with another picture from today's Speedo Junkie posting.

True, the swimwear is a slightly reminiscent of EPCOT Center's INNOVENTIONS circa '83, but are we really looking at the color palate? Really?


Palm Springs Savant said...

Stephen- fun post. gotta love the bloggers. OK btw, so I was driving home today and thought of you when a Billy Joel song came on the radio. It was a blast from the past.

Lance's friend said...

Oh, my. You truly are a patron of the arts.

Stephen Rader said...

Rick - Why did Billy Joel make you think of me? Wait - - was it SHE'S GOT A WAY? I forgot I used to sing that 24/7.

Lance's Friend - Thank you! I try to be a Renaissance Man of Porn. :)

whimsicalnbrainpan said...