Friday, June 08, 2007

Screw Charles - - Frank's In Charge

In the tradition of Mike's recent JEOPARDY-esque answer, I submit the following...

Stephen: "Tony Nominees for 500, Alex."

Alex Trebek: "Christopher Plummer is his butler, Brian F. O'Byrne is his gardener, Liev Schreiber is his bodyguard, and Boyd Gaines is his driver."

I frantically buzz in.

Stephen: "Who is Frank Langella?"

Alex Trebek (slyly lusting after me - - he wants me for my mind): "CORRECT!!!"

Backstory: Apparently, there was a dinner party given for Mr. Langella to celebrate his return to Broadway in FROST/NIXON and his Tony nomination for Best Actor in a Play - - an award many theatre people (including me) believe he will win.

This wasn't your run-of-the-mill dinner party, however. Liz Smith was in attendance. Friggin' Barbara Cook SANG at this dinner party.

I could say something about Ms. Cook "singing for her supper," and make a joke about how Barabara is one of the only "big girls" who actually could "sing" for the amount of "supper" she could consume, but I'm much too classy for that.

Well, according to Liz, everyone at the party was talking about how Frank was definitely going to win the Tony and Frank was being humble and brushed off their compliments.

Then, someone (and Liz won't say who... the sly puss...) pointed at the Sunday New York Times picture of the Best Actor nominees and said the following...

"You know, Frank, this guy next to you; he looks like your butler, the one on the end is your gardener. The tough guy at left is your bodyguard, the man next resembles your driver. You're obviously in charge."

Tony's 2007 "Best Actors": Schreiber, Gaines, Langella, Plummer, and O'Byrne.
(photo: Sara Krulwich)

Here's hoping you win, Frank.

Any man who slept with Whoopi Goldberg is my kind of guy.

Wait. That includes Ted Danson. Scratch that.

P.S. Thanks to The Playgoer for bringing this to my attention. I LOVE his blog!!


Aaron said...

I best remember Boyd Gaines as Valerie Bertinelli's husband on "One Day At A Time," as I'm sure many others do. But I ALSO remember him as the guy who had sex with Kim Cattrall in "Porky's"...

Stephen Rader said...

Aaron - Oh, how I loved him on ONE DAY AT A TIME. And what about that Kim Cattrall in PORKY'S? What was her nickname in that? Where she barked like a dog when he was doing her?

I know you'll know. :)

Aaron said...

Lassie. That was the big mystery, "Why do they call her Lassie?"