Friday, June 01, 2007

Hobbit Horrors

I have discovered an incredible new theatre blogger - - The Playgoer.

His recent posts on the new Broadway numbers and the breakdown of the cost of producing fundraising special events versus the actual income that is received from those events (for every $1 raised an average of $1.33 is spent - - meaning these theatres SPEND $1.33 in order to RAISE $1!) are highly informative and extremely entertaining.

But his post today is pure genius, because it brought this to my attention...


Hobbit Horrors!

Previews of LORD OF THE RINGS: THE MUSICAL! - - the show that tanked in Toronto - - had to be cancelled after... well... this firsthand account from audience member Tori Loew at the ill-fated performance should tell you everything you need to know...

"The hobbits were on stage and had a group of dancers dressed as rangers with them.

"There was suddenly a lot of screaming, but at first we thought it might be part of the show.

"But a stagehand came running on, and when the music stopped we could hear someone shouting 'My leg! My leg!'."

Laughter: The very human emotional response that occurs when a hobbit's leg gets caught in the Les Miz turntable.

Come on, ya'll. That's funny.


Also, check out these other incredible theatre bloggers: my friend Kris Vire who reviews for TimeOut Chicago (Storefront Rebellion) and Don Hall (An Angry White Guy In Chicago). Both are brilliant!


Mike said...

Hobbled hobbits are hilarious.

Stephen Rader said...

Mike - Hobbled hobbits. Ingenius!

Aaron said...

I think I would have peed the seat...

Stephen Rader said...

Aaron - Oooh!! Now, THAT is some theatre I would buy a ticket for!!!

(Can you tell IML was just in town?) :)