Monday, June 18, 2007

Chicago's New Morrible

The cast and crew of WICKED Chicago have raised a great deal of money for SOC in the past, so I hesitate to even type this, but...

I really hate the show.

I love the book. And by that, I don't mean "the libretto of the musical." I mean, the REAL book. The actual Gregory Maguire book. That I like. But add Stephen Schwartz into the equation and "sublime" becomes "ridiculous" real friggin' quick.

But there is a new Madame Morrible in town and when the headmistress of Shiz University is being played by the incomparable Barbara Robertson, I may have to break down and actually buy a ticket to see one of Chicago's finest actors make a silk purse out of this sow's ear of a musical.

Especially after Chicago Tribune theatre reviewer Chris Jones wrote this about Ms. Robertson's performance...

"The recent minor improvements in Chicago's most prominent theatrical attraction won't suddenly seduce those who have always resisted the charms of this savvy, self-aware pop musical. But when you add the pleasures of Barbara Robertson -- the fifth, and the best, Madam Morrible I've seen -- to some spruced-up production values, this surely becomes a very good time to see 'Wicked.'

"Clearly, Robertson didn't get the memo that Morrible is a celebrity cameo that doesn't require staring down demons. Robertson plays the sorceress like she's doing Medea. I ate up every howl."

Anybody know if those $20 "Hour Before" tickets are still being offered for WICKED?

And if they are, anybody feel like suffering through lyrics like, "Nessa, I've got something to confessa" with me?


whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Everyone that I know who read the book hated the musical when they saw it.

Stephen Rader said...

Whim - Thank God! I thought I was the only one!!!

Lance Noe said...

i read the book and liked the musical. of course i only saw it when i was on acid, but it was cool. AGAIN! i like CARRIE THE MUSICAL!

I think wicked has its place. honestly, and hear me out, faggot!

people need something to make money, right or wrong, and wicked makes money AND it brings people to NYC and hopefully they can stumble onto some real art. Not sure if any real art is still IN nyc but......

i agree with you on the lyrics though. the one you quoted makes "its a simple little gig, help me kill a pig!" look like sondheim's and hammerstein's love child.

though i do like to hear white girls belt!

Lance Noe said...

P.S. any shows, i might have missed out on in my 5 years in the land of the morning calm" that i need to purchase right away?

i have
title of show - which i thought was interesting.
witches of eastwich - dull but british - so what do you expect.
the immigrant - not so much!
bright lights, big city - LOVES IT!

anything i need to add to my rep? LET ME KNOW!

khbronson said...

I read the book before I saw it. BIG mistake. They changed so much in the musical that I was sitting in my seat saying "No No No!!"

However, if those $20 "hour before" tix are still being offered, to see the new Morrible, I'll go with ya.

Stephen Rader said...

Lance - You're right about "bringing the musical to the masses," but still, I would have loved to have seen what Sondheim and Weidman could have done with WICKED. That could have kicked ass.

Believe it or not, I don't really purchase as many Original Cast Recordings as I used to. But I'll look over my collection and see if there's anything you may not have. You do have THE LAST FIVE YEARS, right?

Stephen Rader said...

khbronson - I will DEFINITELY let you know if those $20 are still being offered. I would LOVE to see Barbara in this... or anything really. :)

Bob said...

OMG. I love this woman. I've just **happened** upon her performances in The Goat, A Little Night Music, and Grand Hotel. Each time I went to see the show, not realizing she was starring, and was blown away each and every time. She's amazing. But...I still won't see Wicked. Bah!

Stephen Rader said...

Bob - Not only do I love you for loving Barbara Robertson, but I REALLY love you for not liking WICKED! You're my new favorite!!

Lance Noe said...

i think i own everything by jason robert brown - the arrogant ass wipe that he is! and michael john la chugshzfsfath and adam guettel.

i love last 5 years! it is brilliant! so is light in the piazza. i am looking forward to what this two are going to do next. thought guettel's next project is "the princess bride" THAT scares me a bit!

anything old i should know about? i am trying to find tenderloin and fiorello since they won so many of those awards in SHYTOWN! but it IS morristown and choices are few!
anything basically - i need more choices. not just broadway either! i love lizz wright, tori amos (or tore my anus, as my mother thought her name was) bjork, chralotte martin, mika, scissor sisters.....