Friday, June 01, 2007

Jonathan Rhys Myers - Pitcher Or Catcher?

Question: What is wrong with these pictures of Jonathan Rhys Myers?

Answer: Not a damn thing!

There is an excellent breakdown in the Night Charm post where I found this of just how "right" this image is, but it leaves me with a few questions...

Is Jonathan announcing to the world that it (and by "it," I mean, "Lil' Jonny"... or since he's in TUDORS now, perhaps he calls it "Henry 9 and 1/2") is bigger than a breadbox and he knows how to use it?

Or is this Jonathan's not-so-subtle way of telling us that the bottoms of those designer boots have touched quite a few ceilings in their day?

I mean, he holds that big baguette as if he's very accustomed to holding a big baguette of his own. But then again, he IS holding the baguette on his right.

I'm so confused.

I'm EXTREMELY turned on and will GLADLY take any position Mr. Rhys Myers needs filling - - pitcher OR catcher - - but still, I'm confused.


Anonymous said...

heh! i amswered the same thing and probably in the same order-"not a damn thing" and then, "wow, is that indictative of anything?"
i'd play either position either. hetero-speak, of course (grin)

Stephen Rader said...

Amen! Johnny - - bring it ON!

psycho-therapist said...

hmm, don't knw why i went down as anonymous here. are you there, blog? it's me, psycho (lisa)

Stephen Rader said...

psycho-therapist - Somehow, I had a sneaking suspicion that was you. :)