Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Praise For Alanda

Last night, I attended The Jeff Awards Citations at the Park West Theatre.

It was a really wonderful night. So many of my friends took home awards for their work. I couldn't be happier for everyone in and involved with SIDE SHOW and FIORELLO for all of the awards they received last night.

But the best moment came when one of the award recipients told a little story about my friend, Alanda.

Although there is no way to embed the video here (thanks for nothing Stage Channel), go here and then click on the speech by Terry Hamilton, the winner for Actor in a Supporting Role, Musical or Revue for his tremendous work in FIORELLO.

His second story about the show is all about Alanda.

Mr. Hamilton's praise of other actors is what I love about the Chicago theatre community. And his story about Alanda tells you just one of the reasons why I both love and am amazed by Alanda. She is a great talent and a great person.

And the Jeff Committee was extremely generous to once again invite me to say a few words about Season of Concern in the middle of the ceremony.

Notice that Stage Channel doesn't offer a video of my speech.

And I swear, I didn't mean that bitchy.

If I was being bitchy, I would tell you to check out the speech given by the winner for Musical Direction at last night's awards ceremony and notice how he raves about every single woman in the cast of FIORELLO except my friend Alanda.

It was a gross oversight. Especially since Mr. Hamilton had just sung Alanda's praises only minutes before.

Now, that's being bitchy.

P.S. MK was robbed.


Aaron said...

MK sooo deserved something, even if only for the way he said "Shirley, put the roast in!" I quoted it for months afterward...but he will be recognized--he's already gaining a reputation as a solid, dependable actor, and God knows there are few enough of those around. Are you coming to see him in "Reefer Madness?" It's going to be my birthday present to me (I love watching people smoke doobie on stage!).

Not sure what to make of the director's speech omission. (Was that the guy who directed it?? It didn't look anything at all like his pictures.)

Stephen Rader said...

Aaron - MK is DEFINITELY getting the reputation for being an incredibly talented actor / singer / deliverer of the line "Shirly, pu the roast in!" This isn't his last award nomination, by far.

I am definitely seeing REEFER MADNESS! What day are you seeing the show? I'll have to come to that performance so I can buy you a birthday cocktail... or seven...

The music director's speech omission is... well... let's just say we'll discuss it at the show. :)

Michael said...

Okay, it's hard to type though tears...... ;) Thank you boys for the shouts of support!!!!

Stephen Rader said...

Michael - You deserve more than our support - - you deserve one of those damn Jeffs!!!

Michael said...

Thank you!

But I have to call you on something. Terry spoke of Alanda at the top of the show. Doug's award was much later in the show. I don't think it was a personal snub - he was thanking his leads and a favorite drinking buddy (Dana), but what do I know....

In any event, Alanda pulled our butts out of the fire. SHE ROCKS! And she deserves all the recognition she can get!

Stephen Rader said...

Michael - I disagree with you. He mentioned EVERY woman in that show EXCEPT Alanda. And I wasn't the only person to notice it. If the cocktails had been stronger, I would have gone with my gut instinct to scream, "You're forgetting Alanda," followed by either, "you jerk," or "you prick," or something to that effect.

If it wasn't a personal snub, it was a forgetful moment and one that should be rectified with an apologetic phone call. Especially since Alanda saved the closing weekend from cancellation.

Michael said...

Like I said, what do I know?

Stephen Rader said...

Michael - You know quite a lot and you're fabulously talented and are becoming quite the man to watch in theatre in this town.

And, to quote STEEL MAGNOLIAS, "I love you more than my luggage."