Thursday, March 01, 2007


Technology has brought me that much closer to my dream.

Last night on his blog, Mike posted a link to heromachine where you can create your own superhero. Go there! It's amazing!

Yes, I spent WAY too much time creating one of my own last night.

I originally named him "Bolt," which is lame, Lame, LAME.

But today, Mike posted the superhero he created on his blog and included the word "rad" in the posting.

And since my gut reaction was to call my super- hottie "Rad" before I settled on "Bolt," I knew a name change was in order.

Why Rad? Because my AOL screen name was/is "StephenRad," and some people started calling me "Stevie Rad" (don't) and then simply "Rad" (again, seriously... don't!).

So, here he is - - Rad.

Hot? Yeah, I know.

Is he gay? Ummmm... Hello? I made him.

What are his powers? How the fuck should I know? Who cares. He's HOT!

Don't mock me. I live alone.


Master Aaron said...

That's lovely. What's the backside look like? How are I suppose to know what I think without the essential components presented?

Stephen Rader said...

Aaron - You know, Mr. Top, one man's "essential components" is another man's "Oh... that..."

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

LMAO!!! Well he does look good.

Master Aaron said...

I'll play your silly game, what's the "oh that" look like? Turn that rig around! Even a rooster will show the tail feathers!

Lance Noe said...

Ok so i did the hero machine thing but i can't figure out how to save him. I named him "fagtor" i tried to make the gayest super hero ever. Do they have openly gay super heroes? Do you watch "heroes?" I like it!

Master Aaron said...

Not to be outdone by young Lance, I built My own superhero as well. Funny, he looks just like Me. Although I do see, all too late, that the thing I've been wearing as a kilt is really a short cape. I couldn't solve the saving, Lance. I saved the character description and the site, and I can go back and reload him at any time. Perhaps the blogorader will tell us ALL how he did it. Unless his matinee doesn't go well today, at which time we're all s.o.l.

Stephen Rader said...

Aaron and Lance - First off, the two of you together is a LETHAL and FABULOUS combination. When you actually meet in person, space and time was we know it might cease!

As far as "taking a picture of your character," I used the "Help" section, found the information below and did the "screen capture" by hitting "Alt" and "Prnt Scrn" at the same time. Then, I copied that into the "Paint" application, cropped the picture of my hero and copied that image (as a BMP) into a folder on my computer. See? Easy as falling off a bicycle.

****Can I export my character as a graphic like a .GIF, .JPG, or .BMP?

There is no way within Flash itself to export images at run-time to a local drive. There are two workarounds. One is to use a screen-capture utility (for instance, alt-printscreen in Windows) to capture the entire screen image (including your character) to the clipboard. You can then open a paint program (like the aptly-named Paint in Windows), paste the image there, crop it, and save it as whatever you like. The second is a bit more involved. You have to install a local PostScript printer driver (i.e. the Canon LBP-8III PS-1) and choose to PRINT TO FILE when you print to it. Save the file with a .ps extension, then open it with Photoshop. You will get a high-resolution, color image in Photoshop that you can then manipulate however you like.****

Lance Noe said...

is it just me aaron or did reading that sound a lot like when charlie brown listens to his teacher?

ENGLISH!!!!!!!! I SPEAK ENGLISH!!!!!!!!!