Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Celebrities Stopping By

You know that song from WAITING FOR GUFFMAN, "Nothing Ever Happens on Mars?"

Well, I'm sure a lot of people feel that "Nothing Ever Happens on Blogs."

Yesterday on this blog, however, that was not the case.

First and foremost, for those of you who don't peruse the comments section of my blog, Jason Robert Brown himself "clicked on by" to set the record straight (as it were) that...

A) Erv Raible never put a mirror on his piano so that Jason would have to watch himself play and...

B) That he (Jason) still makes "odd faces" (his words, not mine) when he plays.

Now, I have no way of knowing if the comment left by "J-Ro" is indeed that of Mr. Jason Robert Brown himself, but until I get the official word from Fox News that J-Ro is nothing but a "Jason Robert Brown Wannabe," then I'm telling everyone that...

Jason Robert Brown Reads My Blog, Ya'll!!!

That should kill my star- fucker ex-boyfriend.


In other news, blogger Haunted Tuna (how much do I love that blog handle?!?!?) commented that "Von of the Crackhead Faces," who I posted a clip of yesterday singing I'M TELLIN' YOU, I'M NOT GOIN', could not hold a candle to 11 year old Bianca Ryan.

I had no idea who Bianca Ryan was and asked him to educate me - - and he did with this clip.

Haunted Tuna - You're right! Bianca does sing that song much, much better than "Seizure Boy Von."

And she kinda proves my point about I'M TELLIN' YOU, I'M NOT GOIN' being the song to sing if you want to win any competition - - Bianca won AMERICA'S GOT TALENT last year.

Note to Barack Obama: Start learning the lyrics to I'M TELLIN' YOU, I'M NOT GOIN', right friggin' now!

Ya'll, that Bianca Ryan girl is good.

Am I gonna have to start watching AMERICA'S GOT TALENT now?

I already have to to start watching DANCING WITH THE STARS just in case Heather Mills' leg flies off during the Samba or something.

Oh, come on! Don't judge. You gonna watch that show for the EXACT same reason and you know it!

So will Paul McCartney.

In this picture, I imagine Heather is saying...

"That's great, Larry, just great. Now, give me my fucking leg back, ok??!?!?!


tkkerouac said...

I like this blog, Looks like Heather doesn't have a leg to stand on.

Haunted TUNA said...

Youtube America's Got Talent and you will find 99% funny clips. The other 1% is Bianca. :)
Thanks for a cool blog.

Stephen Rader said...

tkkerouac - Thanks for the compliment!!

"Looks like Heather doesn't have a leg to stand on." You know I'm stealing that, right? :)

Haunted Tuna - Thank YOU for educating me all about Bianca!! She is a force of nature!!

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

"I already have to to start watching DANCING WITH THE STARS just in case Heather Mills' leg flies off during the Samba or something."

You are so wrong. I love you!

Bianca had talent no doubt but I was rooting for the kid that played the harmonica (forgot his name). He rocked!

Stephen Rader said...

Whim - If NOT watching Heather Mills' leg fly off during DANCING WITH THE STARS is right, then I wanna be wrong! :)

Haunted TUNA said...

She sure is!
And thanks for linking to my profile :)
Have a nice evening.