Monday, March 05, 2007


Yesterday, the Trib ran an incredible article about Dan Proctor.

Like so many other Chicago actors, I knew Dan socially from seeing him in shows, from bar hopping but I mostly remember him on open mic nights at the Gentry. And for one particular song he would sing.

All singers have their "signature songs." For quite awhile, I sang BUDDY'S BLUES from FOLLIES at everything - - the opening of an envelope and I would sing it.

I used to introduce it by saying, "This is the Sondheim song that perfectly describes my love life." After I said that one night, someone in the audience yelled out...



Ty Perry owns WALKIN' IN MEMPHIS in this town. And maybe Dorothy Loudon is known for introducing us to FIFTY PERCENT in the original production of BALLROOM, but in Chicago - - even though she's living in L.A. now - - FIFTY PERCENT is a tour de force when sung by Alexandra Billings and everyone knows better than to even try to surpass the perfection she brings to that song.

Alex would never, ever say that FIFTY PERCENT is "her song," but I would rather sing THE WORLD GOES 'ROUND after Liza than sing FIFTY PERCENT after Alex anyday!

And I would never want to be the singer brought up to the mic after Dan Proctor sang FATHERS AND SONS from the musical WORKING. Dan sang it in that astounding bass- baritone of his and it always stopped the room. His voice, his passion for the song, his straightforward "telling of the story" - - his interpretation was always breathtaking.

I won't go into the details of the article, but read it. And if you want to learn more about Dan, visit his site.

How fabulous is Dan Proctor? Well, this is the "Warning" that is posted on the site before you enter his photo gallery:
Warning: Some of the photos submitted contain pictures of lewd gestures and Dan's bare butt. If you are shocked by Dan's bare butt or any lewd gestures that may be in these photos... you probably don't know Dan very well.
That means you, Tipper!

Much love and best wishes to Dan.


Alex said...

I've been having an ungrateful day. I feel ridiculous.

What a hero he is.

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Wow Stephen, that is just amazing! I hope he gets his wish and can move back to Chicago.

Stephen Rader said...

I agree - - Dan is a hero. And I can't wait till he gets his wish to move back to Chicago.