Tuesday, August 04, 2009

"You're the Cutest Thing I Ever Did See"

Look who Chicago's hot new blog has officially recognized as "cute!"

No, not me. Damn it.

Bryan, Philip's adorable boyfriend.

The gals from Cute Chicago Boys spotted Bryan while he was handing out "I'M A HOMOSEXUAL YOU KNOW" t-shirts this past weekend.

And they are so right. Bryan is cute. Very, very cute. And sweet and kind and funny and charming.

Can you imagine the children he and Philip would have if the were biologically able? The cuteness would hurt your eyes.


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RG said...

You know, just because they would have trouble biologically conceiving, doesn't mean they can't keep trying!

Angel ABC said...

I was going to say it was nice to see the face of a Asian Pacific Islander on your blog. But I didn't want to imply that you never post pictures of APIs. Or that most of the hot dudes (and cartoons) you post pictures of are white.

And I'm not telling you what type of man you should find hot. Please, keep posting the photos of guys you personally find hot. Sexual diversity shouldn't be forced on anyone. But I'll just raise my hand and go "Holla!" when one of my peeps hits your radar.

philip said...

Angel, one your peeps "hits my radar" every night.
And I love it.

Polt said...

Why is it that two awesomely cute guys are with each other??? Isn't that selfish? Shouldn't be out, spreading the wealth with others, as it were?

Please? :)


Steve said...

It's "small world" time . . .

I knew Bryan while he was a student at COD. One of my favorite "theatre kids" ever!

Say "hey" for me! And Philip is indeed one lucky dude . . .