Friday, August 21, 2009

"Fun, fun, fun, fun..."

The clip below is from tonight's episode of The Soup.

When is someone going to give me Joel McHale as a bedwarming gift?

Sorry, I meant housewarming gift.

Bedwarming, housewarming, it doesn't matter.

If that man was in my house, he could go wherever he likes.

Anywhere, except out the door.

Leave me and I'll go all "Fatal Attraction" on you, Mr. McHale.

I'm not going to be IGNORED, Joel!

Speaking of "Fatal Attraction," is Kate Gosselin the biggest psycho bitch on the planet or what? Sure, Jon's no prize and no saint, but if you nagged and yelled and complained about me 24/7, I'd cheat on you and your freaky, wannabe Posh Spice haircut too.


Wonder Man said...

love it and love him

Prospero said...

Good to know we share excellent taste in men, love! Can't wait to see "Community."

Anonymous said...

Joel McHale is adorable and the funny just ups the sexy appeal.

cb said...

What a country we live in... where anyone can become famous just by squirting eight babies from their vagina!