Monday, August 17, 2009

"Treat Me Like a Fool, Treat Me Mean & Cruel, But Love Me"

Today is the day that Elvis Presley died.

I'm a big fan of Elvis. I wasn't really a huge fan until I had to play him on stage.

And play him well, I might add. I do believe the review in the Chicago Tribune said that, "Rader impersonates Elvis to the cell." Take that, Tony voters.

If, like most of the people in the world, you only think of Elvis as an over-weight man doing karate moves in a bedazzled, polyester jumpsuit minutes after eating a peanut butter and banana sandwich, watch the video below.

It's the second part of a tremendous documentary entitled, "Elvis '56." It follows Elvis' career during that year, the year he first received national media attention. And changed everything.

Just watch the video. The night of Elvis' second television appearance, Perry Como sang "Hot Diggity" on NBC. CBS had Elvis singing "Baby, Let's Play House." Night and day.

Presley was (and is) a revolution. Not to mention, hot. Very, very hot.


Michael Rivers said...

What a great review about your Elvis performance! Doesn't get much better than that! Elvis was/is a very sexy many. There was just something about the lip curl . . .


oh my a elvis damn..
i loved elvis..i loved the old elvis of my youth..and i want you i need you i love you with all my heart is my favorite song by him..king creole my favorite movie..sad..sad..sad...still miss the old elvis..
the fat one? not so much

Prospero said...

Give me the "'68 Comeback Special" version of the Big E. He looked so good in that black leather.

Jackie said...

I love Elvis too. I got the "'68 Comeback" DVD for Christmas. Love his movies, his singing and even his ummm dancing. Elvis, still loved after all these years.