Friday, August 07, 2009

"You Can Have It Your Way, But Don't Get Crazy"

This past Wednesday, I met the uber-talented and always fabulous Melissa Young in Richard J. Daley Plaza for the 7th annual "With Liberty and Justice for All" rally saluting Chicago's GLBT veterans.

There were several amazing speakers. One man who served in World War II, one man who served in the Korean War, several who served and were discharged under "Don't Ask, Don't Tell."

Melissa invited me to the rally. The straight, married girl inviting the single, gay boy to the GLBT rally. If all of us - - gay or straight - - were as passionate, caring, outspoken and active as Melissa is about GLBT issues, I can only imagine the tremendous progress we would make. She's truly one of a kind.

So, where do gay cabaret boys and straight cabaret girls dine after attending a GLBT rally? That's right, McDonald's. Or as Melissa pronounces it, "The MACdonald's."

It was my suggestion...

Yes, I know it's redneck of me, but their new Angus burgers are SO good. As my Daddy says, "They'll make your tongue slap your brains out!"

...but I was probably influenced by Melissa describing this video to me earlier in the week. It's a CNN report from Memphis a couple of years ago. The YouTube clip is titled, "When Transvestites Attack," but I prefer this comment left a few hours ago on the video's YouTube page...

"Queens 1, McDonald's 0"


Project Christopher said...

... hold my wig.... this bitch is goin' down....


RG said...

Hold my purse, I'm going to fuck this one up!

The report was a bit one sided, what pissed the queens off?

Prospero said...

Like I told my friend Tracy when she accidentally left the "T" out of LGBT in a press-release, "You NOT want a bunch of pissed-ff trannies gunnin' for your ass, girl."

Mark said...

Funny: "but not before they disrobed, kicking off their stilletto boots, hoop earrings, and jackets."

Criminal: "about that time the manager grabbed a pot of hot french fry grease and launched it at them."

I'm really concerned that this news account, FROM CNN NO LESS, equates hitting someone with a wet floor sign to throwing burning grease. One causes a bruise. The other is medieval warfare.

But it's the drag queens who were the agressors here.

Angry drag queens can be funny. Third-degree-burn-victim drag queens are not.

Aaron said...

You know a bitch is pissed when she leaves her brand new Hoop earrings and her calf length boots behind!!!