Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"A Lukewarm Royalty with a Whip from Outer Space"

I'm not necessarily a fashion forward person.

Hell, one look at what I'm wearing on any given day and you would seriously doubt that I follow fashion at all.

And I guess I don't. Unless watching "Project Runway" with the same passion that my grandmother had for attending Baptist Church sermons counts. (And it just might)

Just last week, I was at dinner with The New Boy for his birthday and he asked if I liked his sandals, which I did. But when he told me that they sometimes fly off his feet, making it difficult to walk, I said, "They're shoes. But they're difficult to wear when you're walking. So, why wear them?" And he replied, "Because they're cute."

Obviously, The New Boy is Couture King in this relationship.

But even if I'm more Old Navy than Oleg Cassini, I do appreciate and admire Anna Wintour.

Any woman who can synthesize her bad press into a cute, funny line about herself is alright by me.

And I simply cannot WAIT to see "The September Issue." I cannot wait!


Java said...

She seems fun/funny to watch, but I wouldn't want to meet her face to face.

My fashion sense is all about comfort. It wouldn't work in her world. At all!

Anonymous said...

America has a huge market so it is natural that she is so important over there not only for Americans but for all the International fashion designers that do not want to see that potential alienated .

Over-seas I am not quite sure if it is actually so. All this Anna Wintour media frenzy seems more like a very well elaborated marketing plan to boost Vogue sales world wide.

Anonymous said...

I was under the impression Nuclear Wintour was sort of regarded as a joke every where else but here.

Aaron said...

Well, she WAS the inspiration for "The Devil Wears Prada." So I'm sure she's earned at least some of that bad press! But clotheshorses (and their jockies, a/k/a editors) are not known for their personalities, so it doesn't really matter.

(Oh, and by the way, the New Boy is very cute and a real sweetheart!)