Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"Help is on the Way"

Alexandra Billings the Kate in "Katie's Corner." She's also, I'm proud to say, my friend. And she's my board member.

Well, she's not "my" board member. She's a board member for Season of Concern.

These are extremely difficult times for everyone, and my little not-for-profit is coming closer and closer to an impasse. Actually, it's already at an impasse. What it's coming closer and closer to is "the red."

I called Alex a week or so ago and we talked about the difficulty of seeing donation dollars decrease so rapidly, while simultaneously watching our client load grow. Like so many organizations helping those in need, we're not sinking, but we are treading water.

So, Alex and our other friend (and SOC board member) Eric McCool came up with this piece. From what I've heard, it's the first in a series, a fundraising campaign for SOC.

What do you think? (Click it to enlarge. Don't you wish that was true for other things?)

P.S. If you want to make a donation to Season of Concern, click here.

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