Tuesday, January 23, 2007

It's Time to Celebrate!

Put on your party shoes! It's time to celebrate!

No guys, I'm not talking about celebrating THAT... well, I do celebrate that... believe me when I say I celebrate that A LOT... not as often as I would like, but still...

No, I'm celebrating because this is my 100th post.

I'm a new blogger and I made it to 100.

And they said it wouldn't last.

So many things have come from this little blog.

It's helped me stay in touch with friends and family out of town (Dennis in Knoxville, Lance in Korea, Kristie in Atlanta).

In the blogs of my other friends (Alanda, Michael, Brooke, Mike...) I have learned more about them and grown a little closer to them.

And in a strange "Air all your laundry - - dirty or otherwise" kind of way, this blog has compelled me to do something my therapist begged me to do for years and I could never really get into - - journaling.

Even the word "journaling" sounds a bit too much like crunchy Granola, Birkenstock-wearing, NPR-listening, tree-hugging, hippy bullshit for my taste, but I guess in essence that's what I'm doing on here.

And even though so many people see me as man with many opinions and even though I do spout my opinions rather loudly in person and in postings, it takes a lot for this Southern boy to speak his mind and say what he feels and thinks.

I guess that comes with age.

I remember asking my Papaw Rader (for those of you who don't speak Redneck, the yankee translation of "Papaw" is "Grandfather" - - Proceed...) his advice on something a few years before he died and after he told me what he thought, he said...

"Hell son, don't listen to me. All my friends are dead. I don't give a damn anymore."

"Not Giving a Damn" is something to which I aspire.

But one of the best things that has come from this blog happened just today.

Back in late November I had a posting about Food Network Star Paula Deen signing my copy of her latest book PAULA DEEN CELEBRATES at Borders and another posting about some of the wit and wisdom contained in her book.

And in those postings, I talked about meeting Paula's cute assistant, Brandon Branch.

Here's Brandon looking dashing in jeans, a white v-neck tee and blue blazer. Yum.

Now, when I say that I MET Brandon, I might be stretching it a bit...

I was wearing my t-shirt from Paula's restaurnt, THE LADY AND SONS, and as I approached the table where Paula was signing the books, Brandon said, "Nice shirt"...

...and I drolled a little.

That's a meeting right?

Yeah, it's not. And that's why I'm excited because today, the adorable hottie Brandon Branch posted a comment on my blog!!!

And when I emailed him to say thank you, he replied saying that he would be in Chicago tomorrow through Friday!

What was my reaction? Well, Blanche says it best...

Say it, Blanche!

Why is Brandon coming into town tomorrow? Well, this may be on the QT and very "hush, hush," but Paula's coming to Chicago for a taping on THE OPRAH WINFREY SHOW and Brandon is coming with her.

Of course, Philip thinks I'm going to parlay all of this into a Food Network Booty Call, but I don't think that will happen. I'm just thrilled that A) people are actually reading this blog and B) it's actually helping me flirt with handsome men like Mr. Branch.

I guess the internet isn't just for porn, after all.


Lance Noe said...

I want to know how the andonis FOUND your blog? on the borders bathroom wall was scribed, "for a good time log on to...."?

Alanda said...

Wow, that's unheard of! Careful what you put on the net! :)

Stephen Rader said...

If writing "for a good time log on to..." on the Borders' bathroom wall would result in hotties finding me and/or my blog, I would be getting laid much more often!

And you know Alanda, you're right. I wonder if Dubya has read my thoughts and feelings about him? Wait... the Secret Service is at the door...

Peggy Powell said...

Gurl! Maybe he saw those "cough, cough!" artistic photos of you on the internet!

Stephen Rader said...

Peggy - I hope he DID find those... err... ummm... "artistic photos" of me taken at Man's Country... err... ummm... I mean, the community center.

By the way, Peggy, how are things at Pontius Pilot High? :)