Monday, January 08, 2007

Happy Birthday, Big E!

Today is Elvis Presley's birthday.

I'm not using the present tense because I think he's still alive...

...although his middle name IS misspelled on his grave marker... explain that non-believers!!!

I use the present tense because Elvis' effect on our music and entertainment and culture is still very much with us every single day.

I know that many people write off Big E as an over-weight, mumbling guy in a rhinestone polyester jumpsuit doing faux-karate moves, but take a quick look at this clip and learn why we Elvis-lovers keep this man's memory alive.

This is taken from an incredible documentary called ELVIS '56 which chronicles the first year or so of Elvis' career. This is Elvis' first television appearance and the clip begins with an act that was on the same show before Elvis that night.

Watch the xylophone girls and tuxedo-wearing tap dancers and then take in Elvis singing SHAKE, RATTLE AND ROLL. You'll see that there a clear delineation in modern music and culture - - everything that came before Elvis and everything that came after him.

That's over 50 years old and is still hotter and more revolutionary than almost anything "cutting edge" we're hearing today.

So tonight, say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to The King of Rock and Roll by fixing yourself a nice, plump fried peanut butter and banana sandwich and wash it down with an RC Coke Cola.

And for dessert, have a good ole' jelly donut while you watch Elvis' '68 Comeback Special.

It don't get no better 'n that!

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