Friday, January 05, 2007

What Burns My Ass 2

Today, I was walking into work and I saw a person do something that pissed me off as it always does when I see someone doing this certain thing. So, that means it's time to add to my..

List of Things That Burn My Ass!

We've only had one other one so far and it was:

Today, I am adding to the list with...

Smokers Who Think That Our Streets and Sidewalks Are Their Personal Ashtrays

Now, let me start by saying that I am the nicest non-smoker you will ever meet. I think that the new bans on smoking in bars and restaurants are ridiculous.

Non-smokers talk constantly about second-hand smoke, but if you don't like being around smoke then DON'T GO TO BARS WHERE THERE ARE SMOKERS! Why should the world have to be sanitized for you? There are plenty of bars and restaurants that are No Smoking - - go there!

By making EVERY PLACE No Smoking and forcing smoker to stand 15 feet away from building entrances, you are creating a dangerous prescendent of Rules and Regulations "For Your Protection" that will come back to bite us all in the ass.

So smokers - - I'm not against you smoking at all.

I am against you not having the ability to put out your cigarette IN AN ASHTRAY!!!

By carelessly flicking your butts (so to speak) onto the pavement, you are litering our streets in the most horrific way.

If I ate my lunch on a park bench and then took the sandwich wrapper and plastic utensils and threw them on the ground at a whim, you would call that litering. I'll bet I would make that American Indian from that commercial cry just like he did in the 70's.

What the fuck is the difference in me throwing the container from my Filet O'Fish onto the ground and you tossing your cigarette butt into the street?

Not a damn thing.

So smokers, please remember...

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