Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Changin' Times

Last night in my post about the ridiculously sublime...

(or is is "sublimely ridiculous?")

...video of Lauren Bacall from the Broadway musical APPLAUSE performing the song BUT ALIVE and featuring more homosexual characters dancing and singing than I personally have had sex with...

...well, this year anyway...

In the post, I mention that BUT ALIVE is much better musical theatre than "a pasty-faced white boy dancing around with a fake guitar surrounded by dancing dog-clowns telling us that the times, they're a changin'."

If you didn't get the reference... well, A) you're straight, but B) don't feel out of touch with the current Broadway scene because the Bob Dylan musical entitled, THE TIMES THEY ARE A-CHANGIN', lasted about as long as dangerous erection brought about by Viagra.

You see, four hours of wood is thought of as impressive and perhaps even life-threatening (to the man AND his partner!), but when four hours is the amount of time between a Broadway musical's Opening Night and it's Closing Notice, it signals a flop that makes Ben Affleck think to himself, "Well, GIGLI wasn't really THAT bad."

This clip from THE LATE, LATE SHOW WITH CRAIG FERGUSON shows you just how far we've come from OKLAHOMA.

Bravo, Craig! And by the by, if you're not watching Craig Ferguson late at night, you're missing out. He's really amazing and has guests that are beyond the usual celebrity circuit concerned only with pushing this Friday's movie opening or sweeps week on a CBS sitcom. Check him out. He's actually one of the few things that my step-mother and I agree on! He's THAT GOOD!!


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