Sunday, January 14, 2007


It's late and I am tired.

We are in tech for SEUSSICAL - - which is going incredibly smoothly, but it's still tech.

It's the same as having sex with Dennis Hastert - - sure, you can boast to your friends that you got laid last night, but when the sun comes shining through the window the morning after you picked up the former House Speaker at Little Jim's, you're still nose to nose and package to package with Dennis Hastert.

And trust me, it's not that he will make you sleep in the wet spot - - he IS the wet spot. It's SO not worth it.

So, I have just a little something to post tonight. It's a clip that's akin to the video of Lauren Bacall singing BUT ALIVE in the musical APPLAUSE that I posted a few days ago. But this isn't a song. It's just one word.

It's from the movie THOROUGHLY MODERN MILLIE - - not the Broadway musical of that name which only used three songs from this incredibly quirky musical about white slave traders (yes, I said "white slave traders"... see? there's some DEPTH to this artform!...) set in the 1920's starring Julie Andrews, Mary Tyler Moore and the woman you're about to see...

Carol Channing.

This is Carol Channing in all her glory flying through the sky with a cocktail in her hand saying just one word...


I'm serious. No joke. Watch it if you think I'm peeing on your leg and telling you it's raining...

Again, would you call that "sublimely ridiculous" or "ridiculously sublime?"

How about a marriage of the two words - - subliculous.

I like it.

And here is is another short clip. This is Ms. Channing in an interview a few years ago commenting on the word, "raspberries"...

So this week, let's show our love for The Crypt Keeper of the HELLO, DOLLY revival tours, Ms. Carol Channing, by greeting friends, loved ones and co-workers with a simple word that will confuse, bewilder and linger on for decades to come...


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Thomas MacEntee said...

Love it! Another Carol Channing story - years ago in a national tour of Hello Dolly, a friend of mine (a RGWT - real girl with tits) remembers working with Carol. It seems that my friend walked in to the women's restroom, promptly sat down and all of sudden hears, in a very distinct undeniably Carol Channing voice, "Corn? When did I have corn?"