Monday, January 08, 2007

My Celebrity Look-Alikes

As we all know, the internet does not lie.

And happily, I agree with the internet's thoughts about my attractiveness wholeheartedly!

Ok, I love that I look like Jude Law, but he reportedly has a penis the size of a baby gherkin pickle, so I'm not happy about that...

...but since I also look like Ewan McGregor and his massive member is legendary in certain circles, I think that the two cancel each other out...

...leaving my own size exactly as it is... Just Right!

And ya'll, who else could pass for Beyonce Knowles AND Hillary Rodham Clinton?!?!? I'm your Dreamgirl AND possibly your next President! Go know!

Now, will someone tell me who the Hell is Selma Blair?

And more importantly, does anyone have any more pictures of Ricky Ullman? How cute is that little twinkie, huh? As Will Farrell says in TALLADEGA NIGHTS, "Please, be over 18."

"I feel like chicken tonight... like chicken tonight..."


Ryan Barrett said...

Stephen, Selma Blair was in LEGALLY BLONDE, CRUEL INTENTIONS, and THE SWEETEST THING. She is pretty cute. While, Ricky Ullman is from the Disney Channel show PHIL OF THE FUTURE. It just might be your lucky day, because he is 20!

Stephen said...

Ryan - First off, thanks for telling me who the Hell Selma Blair is (I was starting to think she was Linda Blair's bastard sister or something - - which would REALLY sucuk for Selma Blair, don'tcha think?!?!) and for the info on Ricky Ullman. I, of course, google Mr. Ullman earlier this evening and was delighted to find his age over 20 and several pics that reminded me why I was such a big fan of The Mickey Mouse Club when I was a kid!

Second, you didn't tell me you had a blog here on blogger! And why haven't you posted on it in so long?!? Boy - - get to it! Your sushi story about your parents is Hy-larious!