Saturday, January 27, 2007

Baby Mine

Tonight is the final night of UGLY BABY.

I honestly didn't think that this show would end in January. I hoped that we would have had enough time to run the play until it found it's audience.

And of course, last night it found it's audience.

There were theatre people, leather men (Thank you, Aaron and John!), drunken straight girls, distinguished gay men, a group of African-American women who were DREAMGIRL fabulous, good friends (Dana and Matt... WOOHOO! Thanks for coming!!) and believe it or not, about six or seven Russian women, the majority of whom did not speak English..., the one who DID speak English was translating to the others.... loudly... throughout the entire show.

Because of this, that group only got every fourth or fifth joke. Or more often than not, would laugh at the physical comedy of the piece.

Like this...

Ah, Sophe...

I hardly knew ye...

Milton Berle knew what he was doing when he put on a dress in the early years of television.

One man + one dress = Hilarious!

For the record, in children's theatre, that formula reads: One man + One fart noise = Hilarious!

If we had a couple more weeks, every audience seeing the show would be a grab bag of fabulous eccentrics. And we would run for a long, long time.

As it is, the public must now wait a little while longer to discover Philip Dawkins' brilliance as a playwright and label him an "overnight sensation."

The upside of the play closing for me: A return to flats.


Lance Noe said...

Love your hair, hope you win!

P.S. IF, and that is a huge massive, IF, I can swing it - how would you like to have a house guest for a couple of days? It would be sometime in April - June.

Stephen Rader said...

Lance - I would LOVE it!!! WOOHOO!!!