Thursday, November 23, 2006

A Paula Pearl of Wisdom for Thanksgiving

In Paula Deen's new book, PAULA DEEN CELEBRATES, each chapter tackles a different party or holiday gathering throughout the year. The first three of these are 1) "New Year's Eve Brunch", 2) "New Year's Day Good Luck Meal" and 3) "Elvis' Birthday."

You know its a Southern recipe and party planning book when one of the National Holidays listed alongside Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving and Easter is Elvis' Birthday!!!!

I love it. And you're guessed it - - one of the recipe's in the "Elvis' Birthday" chapter is...of course...The King's favorite...a Fried Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich!! Yummmmmm!!!!

But believe it or not, that's not the best part!!! At the beginning of each chapter, there is a short quote from Paula that ties into that party's theme. These are joke...

Paula's Pearls of Wisdom


This past Monday as I was waiting for Paula to sign my copy of this new book, my line buddy and new Paula Pal Betsy was reading through the book and brought my attention to Paula's Pearl's of Wisdom for the chapter on Paula's Wedding Anniversary. Betsy said that there are several different meanings behind this particular pearl of wisdom... and nearly all of them are dirty in the very best of ways. The quote for the Wedding Anniversary reads:

"The only things you need to make for this celebration, girls, are your face, and reservations!"

Truer words have never been said.

Please note: this quote comes from the woman who has her own Butt Rub.

Paula, lovely Paula - - speaking for my people (The Gays) we love you, your food and your butt rub...and just like you, we strongly recommend reservations for our face if a man is looking for a Friday or Saturday night seating.

And ya'll, unless I miss my guess, the hottie in this picture wearing the jeans, the white v-neck t-shirt and the blue blazer is Paula's personal assistant, Brandon Branch - - the one who said, "Nice shirt" to me on Monday.

Tell me I wasn't in heaven having my book signed by Paula and my ass checked out by him!?!?!?!?

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Anonymous said...

Hey stephen, it is Brandon Branch. Thanks for posting a great pic of me! And for saying such nice things!