Friday, November 24, 2006

Last Call for Midler On The Roof

Well, its come to an end.

No, not the Republican strangle-hold on the U.S.

...not K-Fed's marriage, career and bloated ego...

...and no, not my hope that Rogaine and Chia will be combined to help me once again have some semblance of hair... even if it would be green and require watering 3 times a day...

I'm talking about the end of MIDLER ON THE ROOF.

Right before I started the two-month run of this cabaret show, I was depressed about a lot of different things. Philip asked me what would help me feel better and I said, "I need a microphone."

Now, that makes me sound like Neely O'Hara needing an electronics fix...

...but what I meant was that I needed to be in front of people with no script and sing and talk to them and try to create something funny and entertaining in the moment.

I love singing in my cabaret shows, but what I really love is the patter. I want to try to do stand-up comedy, because writing something, performing it and listening for when an audience laughs and when they don't, where they're with you and where they start shifting in their seats, is my favorite thing in the whole world. And just like singing a jazz standard, not knowing where you're going to go in the song or how it will end and playing off of the person playing piano, there is a give and take to an audience that is thrilling because sometimes you succeed and sometimes you fall flat.

In MIDLER ON THE ROOF, I get the best of both worlds - - I get to dabble in stand-up comedy in my patter AND with Jeff Roscoe on the piano, I get to riff with a musical partner who is a genius on the keys. His arrangements are superb and his ability to create in the moment and to challenge me as a singer and an artist thrills me to no end.

Working with Jeff on MOTR and with Eric, Philip, Jaya, Cynthia and Nick on UGLY BABY has renewed my confidence in my talent and my abilities. When you work with people who are as gifted as they are, you work even harder to match their level of skill. I can't wait to see what Jeff and I come up with next and just how incredible UGLY BABY is going to become.

But in the meantime, bitches, get over to Davenport's this Saturday and see MIDLER ON THE ROOF. Its the last day of the show, ya'll!

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